Traducción de unplanned en Español:


imprevisto, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈpland//ˌənˈplænd/


  • 1

    (expenditure/visit) imprevisto
    (pregnancy) no planeado
    the trip was unplanned fue un viaje imprevisto
    • Reports on nuclear accidents and any unplanned discharges of nuclear material are likely to be the subject of public applications.
    • They may also be influenced by government, which seems to see termination as the obvious solution to an unplanned pregnancy.
    • The overall impression is that the town has grown along the waterside in a totally unplanned and chaotic manner.
    • The term casualty refers to any unplanned subtraction from a force's fighting strength.
    • The day is quite unplanned as usual, the only thing that was planned got cancelled a while back.
    • Most of my coaching these days of staff is informal and unplanned.
    • She says the pregnancies, by two different fathers, were unplanned and happened when contraception failed.
    • Do you ever find yourself, on the spur of the moment and completely unplanned, revealing a fairly private fact about your life or your past?
    • I know how scary an unplanned pregnancy is, as my son was conceived when I was 17.
    • A military euphemism for unplanned casualties, such as UN officials or Afghan refugees.
    • The largely unplanned growth of the city, marked by a surge of high rises, has added to the throw-away culture.
    • Many would argue that the main reason why young women have unplanned pregnancies is the lack of sex education in schools.
    • It's a question of how you use periods of unplanned solitude.
    • Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad or any of the state capitals, development is lopsided and unplanned.
    • In every case the prospective mother's happiness or well-being has been put at stake by unplanned pregnancy.
    • The first half is unplanned, while the second half features some impromptu sketches and a few guest appearances.
    • Improved education would help women avoid unplanned pregnancy but could not eliminate the need for safe, legal abortion.
    • He much preferred to spend his life in random chunks of unplanned accidents and mistakes.
    • Having set the dynamic design in motion He is not now subject to unplanned or unpredicted random events.
    • I will never be able to justify what I did, irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the unplanned pregnancy.