Traducción de unpleasant en Español:


desagradable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈplɛzənt//ʌnˈplɛz(ə)nt/


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    (remark/surprise/taste) desagradable
    (person) desagradable
    (person) antipático
    (rude) grosero
    he was most unpleasant estuvo de lo más desagradable / antipático
    • he has the unpleasant habit of … tiene la mala / desagradable costumbre de …
    • All I can say about it is nice people are easy to deal with and unpleasant people are much more difficult to cope with.
    • It is a miracle that these dirty and unpleasant Chinese chain restaurants survive.
    • Some often tend to eat excessively when in an unpleasant mood, resulting in obesity.
    • It gets more and more grim and relentless, and its hero more and more unpleasant.
    • So he was an unpleasant Conservative who wasn't afraid of making money out of the suffering and death of others.
    • However, even the most unpleasant people in the world don't deserve what she got.
    • He is rather unpleasant and totally opposite to the charming butterball he was at high school.
    • She is unpleasant and has red hair, but I do not in any way suggest those two things are related.
    • He was supposed to meet Jane and several of her unpleasant girlfriends for a bite to eat in just ten minutes.
    • He's a snob, a social climber and a misogynist, really a very unpleasant man.
    • Lynndie England, however unpleasant, is not the the villain of this debacle.
    • When you have to deal with unpleasant people on the phone it gives a sour taste to the day.
    • The man is not unpleasant but when he speaks, his words cut deep into her and she sees him as suddenly ugly.
    • The insurance industry, it'll come as no surprise, is full of unpleasant characters.
    • Sold some books and was ripped off by the unpleasant second-hand bookseller.
    • Sometimes they are just unpleasant or they do have very different fundamental beliefs about the world.
    • You are foul, surly, nasty, unhelpful, unpleasant and clearly you have a lot of issues.
    • For a start he was English, but he had a bit of a weaselly face and slightly receding hair and a somewhat unpleasant manner.
    • There are unpleasant people out there who like to spoil it for everyone else.
    • But then, of course, we all know that Miss Robinson is a very unpleasant rude woman.