Traducción de unpleasantness en Español:


carácter desagradable, n.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈplɛzntnəs//ˌənˈplɛzntnəs/


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    (of person)
    carácter desagradable masculino
    (on a particular occasion) actitud desagradable femenino
    the unpleasantness of the experience lo desagradable de la experiencia
    • there was no need for all that unpleasantness no había ninguna necesidad de crear una situación tan desagradable / violenta
    • No other night of the year manages the unique combination of misery, discomfort, expense and sheer downright unpleasantness.
    • Looking back on my life until now it has largely been hard work with a lot of upset and unpleasantness, especially in my adult years.
    • Pain's unpleasantness provides the motivation for adaptive, life-preserving responses.
    • Because people associate Hobbes with unpleasantness, nastiness, and life-and-death contests, they start to use the phrase to refer to any choice that has some of those characteristics.
    • This quiet world of the monks is not without unpleasantness - there is heartache, murder, an accident and suicide.
    • Less attention to pain can result in a reduction in perceived pain intensity and unpleasantness, and can also reduce the amount of time patients spend thinking about their pain.
    • Despite any unpleasantness and pain, you must acknowledge the suffering you have caused and develop a concern for creating an environment of sanity.
    • I hesitantly tried another piece and it was just as unappetizing the second time around, a bitter sting that was metallic in its unpleasantness.
    • The first couple of Harry Potters are honourable contributions to the repertory of school-stories of an old fashioned kind, with the added frisson of knowing that the world beyond Hogwarts contains a great deal of unpleasantness.
    • The visuals of the two of them put over a mood of desperation and unpleasantness that doesn't come over in the records so much - its better just to hear it.
    • Rather, ‘feelings’ refers to a very specific quality: pleasantness, unpleasantness, or neutrality in an experience.
    • Pain intensity and unpleasantness were rated by subjects on visual analogue scales in response to painful electrical stimuli, delivered in random order in five ascending intensities.
    • There will be much pain and unpleasantness in the weeks and months ahead.
    • And I don't like just plain unpleasantness or just plain painful stuff.
    • The experimental conditions included a baseline restful state followed by hypnotic relaxation alone and by hypnotic relaxation with suggestions for altered pain unpleasantness.
    • In the same vein, Malkin gives only passing mention to such unpleasantness as shootings of internees by camp guards but discusses at length the amenities offered in the camps and the petty complaints of some internees.
    • The affective dimension of pain includes both the immediate feelings of unpleasantness associated with the painful sensation and negative emotions evoked by the pain.
    • When partnered with Herring, he adopts a snide, sharp persona to contrast with his sidekick's village idiot act, and the resulting personality clash provides ample opportunity for eloquent unpleasantness.
    • There's a lot of pain, suffering and general unpleasantness in this world.
    • It would be petty and stupid, they contend, to overlook the creative quality of their work because of some unpleasantness which the great world revolution must necessarily bring with it.