Traducción de unprepared en Español:


Pronunciación /ʌnprɪˈpɛːd//ˌənprəˈpɛrd/


  • 1

    (not ready)
    to be unprepared (for sth) no estar preparado (para algo)
    • I was unprepared for the exam no estaba preparado para el examen
    • Having the prince at your very stall was no ordinary thing and the man was unprepared for dealing with royalty.
    • The rainy season was unusually erratic that year in Wind Dance, and Eider had been caught unprepared for a storm of such force.
    • We are, very simply, unprepared for dealing with pangs of shame or for undertaking spiritual soul-searchings.
    • Again, Heather was caught entirely unprepared for the answer and had to search for an appropriate response.
    • No reason to be caught unprepared for what came next.
    • The film, which included newsreel footage, exposed how Australian defence forces were ill-equipped and unprepared for the attack.
    • Surprised and unprepared for the unexpected shove from behind, the man toppled over, barely catching himself before he hit the ground.
    • Having caught him completely unprepared for this attack, his eyes are wide with surprise as his ears are standing straight up with fear.
    • Midwestern soybean growers were caught unprepared for a visit from a foreign aphid during the summer of 2000.
    • He was caught quite unprepared for the Fifth Crusade, thinking that the truce would not be violated.
    • It is clear that the clowns at white house were caught unprepared for this latest atrocity by the zionists.
    • Malaria spread quickly among the troops, and by August the hospitals filled to capacity, catching the medical personnel unprepared for such an epidemic.
    • While this is perfectly viable, there are few black players that are unprepared for dealing with this setup, and white's choices are somewhat limited.
    • Caught unprepared for the insurgency, the Pentagon is now showering money on devices designed to give soldiers an edge in such fighting.
    • Quite how anyone in the US can be caught unprepared for an election is beyond us at Dimpler Towers.
    • The shelling of Fort Sumter caught the U.S. Army unprepared for war.
    • Don't be caught unprepared for pride; check out these must-have products
    • Mia was soon caught unprepared for the sudden rise in altitude that Phyconos performed.
    • I was also unprepared for dealing with a student who brought his buck knife to school and began waving it at me and the other students.
    • He effectively dispels any myth of a ‘sneak attack’ at Pearl Harbor and any notion that the United States was caught totally unprepared for war.
  • 2

    (not expecting)
    to be unprepared for sth no esperar algo
    • he was unprepared for her reaction su reacción lo cogió desprevenido
  • 3

    (lesson/performance/speech) improvisado
    • The celeb who earned the most stars would earn a fully prepared meal, the celeb would earned the second most stars would earn an unprepared meal and the celeb who earned the least stars would earn nothing- and have to subsist on only rice and beans.
    • In a mystery worthy of Agatha Christie, the wear and tear on a pair of slippers, an unprepared bed and a missing walking-stick and torch became sinister clues in the absence of any evidence as to how "Aunt Flo" came to be in the river.
    • There is at least a tacit nod to the unprepared canvases of Color Field paintings.
    • I'm wondering if a year in an unprepared holding bed or plunk and run in the big unprepared bed is the best course of action.
    • Many of Pollock's pictures were painted in black on unprepared, cream-colored canvas, but this one includes large amounts of color.