Traducción de unprincipled en Español:


sin escrúpulos, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈprɪnsəpəld//ʌnˈprɪnsɪp(ə)ld/


  • 1

    sin escrúpulos
    sin principios
    carente de escrúpulos formal
    carente de principios formal
    • If I can choose my enemy, I prefer an unprincipled politician to a disguised true believer.
    • Because, Margo, we are not unprincipled and we do believe in forming a Government.
    • And since Bush is a canny and very unprincipled politician, he will not want to play in a game in which the odds are so heavily against him.
    • It's safer and it won't make other people seem as stupid as you are unprincipled.
    • The throne was no longer at issue; now she was merely an eccentric noblewoman running from an unprincipled enemy.
    • History shows us that it is in exactly such times that unprincipled men such as Schröder can be expected to do crazy things.
    • The unprincipled behaviour of the Bush administration has been met with principled conduct and objections.
    • Perhaps you would prefer we returned to the unprincipled behaviour displayed by Keating and friends, conveniently termed diplomacy.
    • But then given his ruthlessly unprincipled behaviour in 1975 such behaviour shouldn't be unexpected.
    • In reality, its just one more time that you will show that you are simply an unprincipled coward.
    • I'm the first to admit that I think that John Kerry is a sleazy, unprincipled politician.
    • The attitude taken by the Post highlights the hypocritical and unprincipled character of its criticisms of the Bush administration.
    • Later events proved him in fact to have been a ‘daring and unprincipled scoundrel’.
    • There could hardly be a more graphic illustration of how putting power in the hands of unprincipled people can bring a community down, if it yields to such pressure.
    • You are completely unprincipled and have no interest whatsoever in morals, justice or fairness of any kind.
    • Some unknown, unprincipled rascal wins a bunch of tickets for the first Test and promptly sells them on e-bay.
    • Your builder would appear to be one of those unprincipled persons.
    • Blair's defiance is possible only because of the unprincipled character of the opposition he faces.
    • When grasping and unprincipled people begin to test the patience of the general public, I believe they have something to worry about.