Traducción de unprovable en Español:


no demostrable, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈpruːvəb(ə)l//ˌənˈpruvəb(ə)l/


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    no demostrable
    • Is this just another example of academics talking up unprovable dangers to draw attention to themselves?
    • Promoting faith in unprovable ideas over empirical evidence and hard science is the path back to the Dark Ages.
    • Some of these legends are unprovable, but there is evidence of their settlement in Cranganore in 68 A.D, after further Roman attacks.
    • Moreover, the whole point of Godel is that any (consistent, and moderately strong) first order system has true but unprovable statements.
    • I must say that arguments about best steak are a bit like arguments about best Abba songs - unprovable and uninteresting.
    • The US and its allies need to focus on the strengths of their case rather than draw attention to flights of fancy or unprovable (for now) points.
    • Had we allowed her to stay, it's certainly possible that large numbers of people would start coming to New Zealand, making unprovable allegations that their daughters had been sexually abused, and demanding asylum.
    • But there's nothing at all illegitimate about people making up their own minds about which laws to enact based on their own unprovable religious moral beliefs, or on their own unprovable secular moral beliefs.
    • On October 7, 1931, when he was 24 years old, he announced his result, a proof that showed that any formal system that is rich enough to express arithmetic will have a proposition which is true and unprovable.
    • Keep us safe from this, and belief in the unscientific and unprovable remains a possibility; expose us personally, and our faith will be obliterated as if hit by a 60 ft wave travelling at the speed of a jet plane.
    • Gulf War veterans fighting to prove hundreds of former servicemen have been crippled and killed by a mysterious syndrome caused by their time in the conflict have been dealt a massive blow - their own solicitors say the case is unprovable.
    • I've said some fairly remarkable stuff while trying to trick girls, but it's usually unprovable stuff like I'm a top secret rocket ship pilot or I invented the panda bear.
    • They were not objective about the theories they tried to prove, which were unprovable, because they were false.
    • That some scientists confuse the unprovable with the nonexistent does not justify the deliberate attempt of IDists to substitute sophistry for science in our public schools.
    • Once again, Arnold made his well-worn case for libertarian over social democratic economics - not an argument, really, just a litany of unprovable assertions.
    • For this is the logic that dare not speak its name, the logic that says, I believe in something completely incredible, unprovable, irrational, and with no evidence to support it, but never mind all that.
    • Commentators with a taste for proving the unprovable have brought forward evidence that virtually every poet of Shakespeare's time - and even of other times, such as Dante and Tasso - aroused Shakespeare's envy.
    • We can and should debate, as best we can, where the lines should be drawn, but we should recognize that at some point it comes down to the unproven and unprovable, for the secular among us as well as for the religious.
    • That's not so much a problem if you discard objective truth as improbable and inherently unprovable (like myself), but by God, if you're going to be religious, do it right.
    • True, religious people's moral views may rest on unproven and probably unprovable metaphysical assumptions - but the same is generally true as to secular people's moral views.