Traducción de unrealized en Español:


sin explotar, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈrɪəlʌɪzd//ˌənˈriəˌlaɪzd/


  • 1

    (potential/talent) sin explotar
    (dream/ambition) que no se ha realizado
    (dream/ambition) que no se ha cumplido
    our hopes were to remain unrealized nuestras esperanzas no se harían realidad
    • Plans to create inter-regional federal courts went unrealized.
    • It has significant unrealised potential, possibly as a tourist focus.
    • Apologies to Plato, but the idea alone of a great painting is not ultimately worthy of attention; and a great painting hidden in an attic can only represent unrealized potential.
    • These were real ‘flowers in the dustbin,’ turning Rotten's prophecy of ‘no future’ into a world of unrealized possibilities.
    • While the L-shaped arms of the sculpture began as elements of an unrealized house plan, the title phrase was lifted from the closing lines of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.
    • By forcing the internet to be accessible to everyone, there is a risk that we are levelling it down, reducing its potential to suit many competing, latent, unrealised needs.
    • As for Italy, though Mehmed sent an invasion force to southern Italy in 1480, he died the following year with his dream of conquering Rome unrealised.
    • One of Worthers's unrealized goals is achieving three-star Michelin status.
    • However tentative these gestures, however unrealized the ambition to create a new European and a new international order, the end of the cold war forced such questions on to the agenda.
    • While the show's themes were traditional - fellowship, colleagues united against adversity, unfulfilled ambitions and unrealised romances - its style was revolutionary.
    • These grand plans remain largely unrealized - so far.
    • Merely qualifying for the Olympia is a lifelong dream that goes unrealized for many.
    • Alessandro Baricco's Lands of Glass is the story of the great, unrealised plans of two 19th century visionaries.
    • The film works on several levels: an inspiring tale of the underdog, a warm and sympathetic love story, and a dramatic story of unrealized dreams and potential all wrapped into one.
    • The unrealized hopes and dreams of the loser are allowed to vanish forever.
    • But today, it feels like just that: an unfulfilled ambition, an unrealised dream.
    • In the political realm, these attributes are latent potential - unrealized power to influence public policy.
    • The finale comes when Hammond and his team put Fawkes's unrealised plan to the test.
    • For one thing, parents who had yearned to do a particular course, but who had not been able to do so for one reason or another, often tried to make their children take the course and fulfil unrealised dreams.
    • Aware of this still unrealised potential, the government is working to break any possibility of organised labour using a divisive pay structure.
  • 2

    (profit) no realizado
    • On the back of hefty unrealised profits in their property and stock holdings, Japanese banks boosted their global operations, thinking the expansion could last forever.
    • But if we are right on the analysis and willing to sit tight, we will eventually recover unrealized losses and make money.
    • Second, unrealized gains of some assets could offset unrealized losses of others, resulting in no required write-off.
    • Through his suit, Johnson was attempting to recoup potentially millions in unrealized profits from Berry and his publishing company, Isalee Music.
    • Alternatively, it is argued that a compensation order under section 204.3 of the BIA, following a conviction of Mr. Cogan for a bankruptcy offence, could constitute an unrealized asset.
    • Domestic markets in Europe suffer from a misallocation of resources that lowers consumption and standards of living, wastes human talents, and leaves many potential productivity gains unrealized.
    • For example, the unrealized loss on the value of a current asset could be completely offset by an unrealized gain on a non-current asset.
    • Another technique involved the upward revaluation to estimated fair market value of any long-term assets, such as land, and the recording of unrealised holding gains, which also diminished deficits.
    • With over $5 billion in realized and unrealized losses, it's unlikely that new money invested in Mercury will dull its tax edge.
    • Using the same 11.5% theft rate assumption, that's a whopping $55 billion in unrealized subscriber asset value throughout the industry.
    • Alternatively, if unrealized and undervalued tax assets like tax credits and losses are on hand, a share purchase will be favoured.
    • It is possible to use unrealized gains in financial assets (including derivative contracts) as collateral for further purchases.
    • So at the top of the balance sheet the assets are recorded at market value - not at cost, at market value - and then in an asset revaluation reserve the unrealised gain is recorded.
    • As a member of the younger generation, I have no problem with the fabulous unrealised property gains made by older property speculators.
    • But there was an announcement of the potential return of Development Land Tax (on unrealised gains on undeveloped land).