Traducción de unrecognized en Español:


no identificado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈrɛkəɡˌnaɪzd//ʌnˈrɛkəɡnʌɪzd/


  • 1

    (not identified)
    (danger/signature) no identificado
    he escaped unrecognized escapó sin ser reconocido
    • It is possible that we will identify still unrecognized clinical consequences in patients without symptoms of asthma and with AHR.
    • A few previously unrecognized linkages were discovered.
    • As such, these specimens would warrant further examination as possible representatives of new, previously unrecognized species.
    • New analyses of old seismic data have unveiled a previously unrecognized type of earthquake - quakes created by brief surges of massive glaciers.
    • Just simply looking does not teach very much, but looking with the knowledge of what to look for opens up a previously unrecognized world.
    • Her excellence with the stick, for both club Hermes and Ireland, has gone relatively unrecognised beyond the hockey fraternity.
    • Unca will also present its annual Citizen of the World Awards, which honour previously unrecognised efforts on behalf of humanity.
    • The latter organization formed precisely because Powell and other community leaders thought their work too often goes unrecognized.
    • The WASPs were unappreciated and their contributions unrecognized.
    • His previously unrecognised role in the war effort has come to light in a book - Horsforth at War - published to mark the 60th anniversary of VE Day.
    • In the absence of a framework of belief in reincarnation, memories of previous lives may go unrecognized or unacknowledged.
    • We also assessed the cardiovascular risk profile of patients diagnosed as having diabetes as a result of screening to see whether we were identifying a previously unrecognised high risk population.
    • The only other explanation for the finding would be the previously unrecognized existence of a resident northern population.
    • Here's how to identify your unrecognized emotional roadblocks and get past them
    • Our purpose here is to identify a previously unrecognized problem that could lead to incorrect interpretation of observed patterns of abundance.
    • Hers is the plight of thousands of transsexuals across the UK, many of whom have undergone years of torment, therapy and surgery, only to have their new identities unrecognised in law.
    • He was unknown, almost completely unrecognised and was losing faith in his vocation.
    • Today, their heroism goes largely unknown and unrecognized.
    • The unit will also host a series of workshops and conferences to develop an awards scheme for previously unrecognised academic work on security issues.
    • This bodes well for its use in mutating genes and for identifying unrecognized genes in places of the genome that have been especially difficult to sequence.
    • Fortunately, though long unrecognized and unappreciated by the mainstream, there is a good framework for understanding the Japanese boom and bust.
    • New evidence may identify as important outcomes that were previously unappreciated or wholly unrecognised.
    • Suddenly a little head popped up in the grass, unrecognised by my more knowledgeable friend.
    • Guma is also keen to acknowledge the unrecognised contribution of ordinary women in the life of Sophiatown and the forced removals of 50 years ago.
    • Obviously, this was well-deserved (her winning, not my genius going unrecognized, of course).
    • But what we do in my community goes largely unrecognized.
    • Frequently unsung and unrecognized he personally risked all for his fellow Jews.
    • A poet whose work is unrecognized or unappreciated by academic readers and institutions.
    • We also look to Tinseltown each year to watch previously unrecognized talent garner critical and commercial super-stardom.
    • But a third possibility, he said, is that both viruses work together in a previously unrecognized way.
    • With a generic instrument, previously unrecognized adverse effects may be detected and comparisons can be made across patient populations.
    • That he committed suicide in 1989, an unknown, unrecognised old man, only to have his work finally ‘discovered’ in 1990, is almost unbearable.
    • Many advocates suggest that we are now only beginning to discover the extent of previously unrecognised learning disabilities.
    • This figure is 90 per cent lower than sales during the communist, years when weapons were sold to unrecognized governments and rebel armies around the world.
    • Once the drug is marketed, reports of any previously unrecognized side effects are monitored by the FDA.
    • New techniques of analysis are continually uncovering previously unrecognized details about the internal anatomy and growth patterns of dinosaurs.
    • The awards have been launched to recognise those people and companies that really care about their customers. The idea is to reward the often unknown and unrecognised champions of customer excellence.
    • The death of President Mohamed Ibrahim Egal in May 2002 put back in jeopardy the autonomous but unrecognized state of Somaliland.
    • They will not die unknown and unrecognized, lost in history.
    • It also points to a previously unrecognized role for super-massive black holes: limiting how big a galaxy can become.
  • 2

    (claim/achievement/talent) no reconocido
    his genius went unrecognized no se reconoció su talento