Traducción de unrivaled en Español:


incomparable, adj.

(British unrivalled)

Pronunciación /ʌnˈrʌɪv(ə)ld//ˌənˈraɪvəld/


  • 1

    she is unrivaled for sheer tactlessness en cuanto a falta de tacto, no tiene rival / igual
    • a site unrivaled in its natural beauty un lugar incomparable por sus bellezas naturales
    • The aircraft has an unrivalled safety record throughout the world of aviation.
    • On the ground, in the air - their unique style of football has been unrivalled in this league.
    • George Stigler once observed that Milton Friedman had a rare, almost unrivaled, ability to command the profession's attention.
    • Reeves has gained unrivalled access to the extraordinary amount of paperwork generated by the Nixon White House.
    • One of WHO's comparative advantages is its unrivalled reputation in setting global standards.
    • Virtually unique in comprehensiveness and quality, the Thesaurus offers unrivaled insight into the biological knowledge of its day.
    • You will also receive advanced vocational training and undergo unique experiences that are unrivaled in the civilian world.
    • This will act as the catalyst for future careers and will be an unrivalled resource for Scotland's entrepreneurial companies.
    • The NRU has a uniqueness which is unrivalled by any other research unit in Canada.
    • He has an unrivalled record in Europe in recent years and is extremely experienced.
    • Kruger offers a diversity of animals unrivalled anywhere else in South Africa.
    • The melding of image and sound is a potent mix, perhaps unrivalled anywhere else in graphic design.
    • Portlaoise have an unrivaled record in this competition.
    • As the recognized innovator in medical technology, we have an unrivaled track record.
    • The book as a whole is an unrivalled visual record of a colourful period in Bengali history.
    • He was with the Holcombe for 40 years - a record unrivalled by any other huntsman in the country.
    • His knowledge of back-line play at international level is almost unrivalled and his versatility is legendary.
    • That gave him unrivalled knowledge of the party and how the trade union link works.
    • All of its key staff are local and have an unrivalled local knowledge.
    • Purple Ocean boasts a unique location with unrivalled views over Dun Laoghaire harbour.