Traducción de unsaid en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌənˈsɛd//ʌnˈsɛd/


  • 1

    to leave sth unsaid no decir algo
    • she left nothing unsaid no (se) calló nada
    • some things are better left unsaid algunas cosas es mejor callarlas / no decirlas
    • his feelings for her remained unsaid nunca expresó lo que sentía por ella
    • It certainly went unsaid that she was at least a bit embarrassed to have started something that had now taken such an unexpected turn.
    • Moreover, he has the extraordinary capacity of evoking the unsaid through gestures, powerful background music and long close-shots.
    • The unsaid theme underlying all this is that sexual or gender identity can be influenced or ‘recruited.’
    • He left unsaid that perhaps among those whom terrorist planners recruit their foot soldiers might also be people in search of those same basic rights.
    • Somehow, though, it is what he leaves unsaid that is the most intriguing.
    • The strength of good literature is that it can explore the unsaid and the unspeakable.
    • What is generally left unsaid is what influence this will have on intelligence work in Iraq, and elsewhere, in pursuit of terrorists.
    • This unsaid part was no less effectively conveyed to and assimilated by the targeted electorate.
    • Of course, there are always the regular clients who go for an unsaid but symbolic good morning greetings with bunches of fresh flowers.
    • Things go unsaid and unresolved in real life, but they also occasionally or even usually do get said and do get resolved.
    • Ashbery's lines are often pure poetry, shimmering with unsaid meanings even in their dependence upon the easy phrases of ordinary speech.
    • If Hoge has something to say about the way social institutions respond to teen violence, he's left it completely unsaid in his film.
    • Alan understood her unsaid suggestion, and was eager to comply.
    • Someone needs to write a book on how to interpret silences because I'm sure there are more out there like me who aren't adept at knowing what the unsaid means.
    • Having said that, the unsaid still does haunt me.
    • But as with all government business, many things remain unsaid or unexplained, in which case I have to draw my own conclusions.
    • It is hard being a parent today because there are real laws, and unsaid rules.
    • She had learned more about Thomas in half an hour than she had all week, albeit it more from the things that had been left unsaid than his actual answers.
    • Grice's cooperative maxims are the unsaid norms.
    • After a trial period where he would correct people on the unsaid understanding that it never happened again, I am now the only person who still gets it wrong, albeit only every now and again.