Traducción de unscholarly en Español:


poco riguroso, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈskɒləli//ˌənˈskɑlərli/


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    (method) poco riguroso
    it's an unscholarly piece of work al trabajo le falta rigor académico
    • He is a serious scholar and a brave man, who is not afraid of making enemies, and has trodden on plenty of scholarly corns as well as a fair number of unscholarly ones.
    • And when a book proves to have been unscholarly, or plagiarized, it should be withdrawn.
    • If this occurs, Federalists are advised, ‘the best solution is to try to portray them as being intolerant bullies and unscholarly.’
    • The matter is not helped by the unscholarly practice, common in work seeking to orient itself by means of critical theory, of relying on secondary sources.
    • It is unfortunate that McCloskey, a supposed scholar, would respond in such an unscholarly fashion.
    • For centuries, though, Catholics, however unscholarly, have had an unwitting advantage over many Shakespearean critics.
    • What with the silk road and the spread of Buddhism and all, I guess it's conceivable that there's some historical connection, but in this case it was just an unscholarly expedient on my part.
    • I have often pointed out in this blog how the Leftist leanings of psychologists make them unscholarly and unscientific in the ‘research’ that they do.
    • With the exception of economics, the Humanities and Social Sciences have become so unscholarly that scrapping ALL of their courses would be of net benefit to the world.
    • It is of course a pleasant paradox that these texts, now diligently kept from unscholarly eyes in the reverent hush of university libraries, were once the subject of scribblings, doodles, litanies of the mundane.
    • He brought out in 1747 an edition of Shakespeare in eight volumes which was sharply criticized as unscholarly, and in 1751 an edition of Pope's works.
    • He simply refused to compromise - how unscholarly of him.
    • Occasionally it is also an infuriatingly unscholarly discussion of some of the more important passages of the recent history of archaeology in Australia.
    • And while the popular Web search engine may point students to some scholarly works, it also points them to information that is unscholarly, unsubstantiated and, occasionally, untrue.
    • Holden foregrounds his uncertainties and unscholarly speculations, some of which betray a cavalier approach to historical research.
    • The bottom line is that both approaches would be unscholarly, and simply inadequate.
    • Since language is primarily a tool for communication for scholars and the unscholarly alike, let the readers comment whether the example given below can be considered to be true Indian English or not.
    • Those for whom scientific integrity is secondary might reject the science faculty's position if they perceive it has been made in an unscholarly or arrogant manner.
    • Both writers made substantial adjustments to the original material, and their editorial work is now regarded as suspect and unscholarly.
    • Their problem is an inattentive and unscholarly belief that they have found a way to expound a tradition without a community or a communion.