Traducción de unscrew en Español:


destornillar, v.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈskru//ʌnˈskruː/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (panel/screw) destornillar
    (panel/screw) desatornillar
    (lid) desenroscar
    • Lower cabinets are often attached to the wall at the top and can be unscrewed or pried loose.
    • Also remove all outlet covers and unscrew the devices, and install frames that will extend wiring boxes to the face of the paneling.
    • The bolts seemed easy enough to unscrew, although the top bolt would require a stool or something to reach.
    • Well, they couldn't get it open, so they tried to unscrew the hinges on the door.
    • He removed a small electric screwdriver from the case and unscrewed the radio.
    • Her going caused the most upheaval, however, as she unscrewed the kitchen sink, rolled up the carpets and peeled off the wallpaper.
    • The ventilation duct had been unscrewed and thrown to one side, exposing the metal interior.
    • Panels of the fibre-glass shell could be unscrewed and lifted off allowing access to the inside wall of the plane's cargo hold.
    • The thieves either unscrew or simply rip the number plates from the cars while they are parked in drives, on streets or in car parks.
    • Would-be burglars climbed on to the flat roof of the church and unscrewed the plastic skylight cover.
    • I quickly unscrewed the bolts and opened the sewage drain.
    • Once inside they unscrewed four projectors hung from the ceiling and took four laptop computers and a digital camera, worth a total of £5,050, before leaving by the main entrance.
    • Yet for some strange reason that I simply couldn't comprehend, he was distinctly unwilling to start unscrewing the doors from their hinges.
    • Remove all doors by unscrewing the hinges from the cabinet.
    • One day, when I knew she would be out of the house for hours, I unscrewed my door handle, took it to a locksmith and had keys cut for it so I could lock it when I wasn't there.
    • On the new vanity, remove all drawers and take off the doors by unscrewing the hinges from the cabinet.
    • Do this in the off season by closing the shutoff valve, unscrewing the old vent, and screwing in the new one.
    • Silently thankful that she didn't have to unscrew the thing to open it, she swung it open by its hinges.
    • To unscrew the casing is to throw open such a Pandora's Box of nuts and springs, axles, ratchets and governors as to confound all attempts to recapture them.
    • This involved unscrewing the kitchen units and taking them apart.

verbo intransitivo

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    (panel/screw) destornillarse
    (panel/screw) desatornillarse
    (lid) desenroscarse
    • There is simply no excuse for $500 guns not extracting a spent shell, or a $900 gun whose barrel unscrews.
    • But isn't it always the case, that while one tap body will unscrew nicely, the other (the hot tap and main culprit) was jammed in there tight!
    • When in transit, the legs unscrewed and were stored in one of the locking drawers.
    • Usually they just unscrew and then you can put it back on when you want to use it.
    • You will have to build another rim onto that hub (just using the left side should be enough) so that you can twist the hub hard enough to unscrew the freewheel.
    • In Missouri state employees were unscrewing every third light bulb to cut energy bills.
    • The gunman quickly unscrewed the silencer and started to disassemble the gun.
    • He tried unscrewing something else and created a loud bang and flash at which point he gave up.
    • He then attempted to unscrew the lower part of the projectile, and when he found he could not open it, he started banging it on the long bench that he and his friends were sitting on.
    • Be sure to remove and clean the magazine cap nut, Parcus said; unused over long periods, it often corrodes and becomes impossible to unscrew.
    • The three daisies that comprise the chatelaine can be unscrewed and each fastened onto a pin to wear as a brooch.
    • Anyone who has ever cleaned a blender should understand that the base easily unscrews and the tines come out.
    • Build the house so that the top lifts off or unscrews for easy cleaning.
    • The top of the battery unscrews so you can push extra cord down in the battery casing, so it isn't flopping around getting in the way.
    • The T-handle and second head portion unscrews from the rest of the pump to reveal a CO2 inflator complete with a threaded 16-gram cartridge and button for regulating air flow.
    • I find it a wee bit surprising, given their obviously low estimation of consumer intelligence, that there is no indication whatsoever of in which direction the cap should be unscrewed.
    • A little door on the copter popped open, and a gas cap unscrewed itself.
    • On top is the filling cap, which simply unscrews allowing you to fill up with the supplied bottle, although you will need to go buy some distilled water.
    • If your socket is brown Bakelite plastic, it will normally unscrew into 2 halves.
    • The saving grace here is that the two rear 80 mm fans are quick release, I did not have to unscrew or remove 4 plastic clips to remove and replace the fan.