Traducción de unseasoned en Español:


sin sazonar, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈsiːz(ə)nd//ˌənˈsiz(ə)nd/


  • 1

    (food) sin sazonar
    • When returned it was a greyish, soupy mess of not-quite reconstituted mushrooms and insipid, unseasoned, unmarinated chicken slices.
    • The secret of a good burger is to mix it unseasoned as salt makes it weep.
    • Essentially, we'd sooner eat, or make a show of eating, unseasoned dog's giblets, than cause a scene.
    • My steak, served with one small egg, was virtually unseasoned, but it was clearly made with top-quality, freshly ground meat.
    • Combined with the unseasoned spinach, the dish shifted from dull to unpleasantly boring.
    • The breaded and fried golden calamari main dish passes the test when it comes to texture and, like the chicken, is unseasoned except for a dash of salt - nothing too fancy.
    • And what are we to make of an apparently unseasoned blanched spinach roll with ‘vegetable dressing’?
    • The prunes pretty much exploded with sweet flavour, and provided a very nice contrast to the earthy, mostly unseasoned veal.
    • This week we are introducing unseasoned potato wedges which contain two-thirds less salt and reduced levels of fat compared to our Curly Fries.
    • The vegetable version fared much better, with crisp green beans and other tender veggies used in place of some unseasoned ground beef and cubes of ham.
    • The dish is unseasoned, the pepperiness supplied by the rocket and the saltiness by the prosciutto.
  • 2

    (timber) no estacionado
    (troops) inexperto
    • For 84 Arthur Road, he contrasts the rough-cut, unseasoned oak with the smooth glazing.
    • Out of 260 offers he was able to accept 160 full size oak trees and then had to convince the Dean and Chapter that it was normal to use unseasoned timber for constructing roofs.
    • However, the amount of online shopping these unseasoned Internet users do will depend on how easy it is for them to navigate the virtual mall.
    • Since new, unseasoned lumber is particularly susceptible to mildew, avoid using it whenever possible.
    • Although an unseasoned raw talent, her performance as a free-speaking, promiscuous teen was a memorable debut.
    • The unseasoned oak used by Heritage is sourced from managed woodlands in France and Russia and the timber is prepared in the UK using a mix of new technology and traditional skills.
    • Liverpool were also without Steven Gerrard and although Jimmy Traore looked raw and unseasoned - he gave away the free kick which Harte delivered to Kewell - he was kept on message by Sammy Hyypia who was fearsomely flawless.
    • This was created to provide contest experience for the unseasoned but competitive Wahine.
    • It is matched against an opponent that wasn't expected to do any better this season, playing with an unseasoned youngster at quarterback and with a defense that seemingly wasn't much stronger than its dreadful 1999 version.
    • Co-op development, however, is too complex a process for unseasoned non-professionals.
    • For instance, sap in unseasoned plywood can bleed through facing stone, inappropriate nails in the plywood can rust and bleed, and a darker setting material can bleed through white or light-colored stone.
    • Yes, she is obviously untrained and unseasoned as an HR rep.
    • New structures built with unseasoned wood should air-dry one month before finishing.
    • And it was Hussein, after all, who installed as heir apparent the little-known and unseasoned Abdullah just before he succumbed to cancer.
    • Certain conditions encourage the buildup of creosote, restricted air supply, unseasoned wood and cooler-than-normal chimney temperatures are all factors that can accelerate the buildup of creosote on chimney flue walls.
    • However, I have yet to see why an unseasoned, just graduated engineering student would be the mechanic that I need.
    • Yet unseasoned as he may be, he is the only author with any formal paleontology training.
    • During the war, unseasoned journalists reported every minor exchange of fire as if it were the Little Big Horn, Part Two.
    • ‘The bodger was a man who worked in the woods using freshly-cut unseasoned wood to produce all manner of household wares,’ John writes.
    • The enterprise tends to fall flat without the expectation of success, but too much expectation leads the writer to block, the athlete to fumble, the unseasoned actor to gag or go blank.
    • Was it difficult to coax good performances out of unseasoned kids?
    • The Allies were attempting to defend frontages in the Ardennes that caused each division to cover about 20 miles with unseasoned troops.
    • Chesterfield Council leader Ray Russell said there were three key things on offer to visitors - the famous crooked spire at St Mary's Church, thought to have been caused by unseasoned timbers used in its construction buckling over time.
    • Founded by music director Leonard Slatkin, the program gives unseasoned, but professional level conductors the chance to work with a professional orchestra of high caliber.
    • The unseasoned yet clever boy used the information he gained to become comfortable as a prince, and to reassure his ‘caretakers’ that he hadn't gone mad.
    • For the unseasoned occasional voyager west of the Humber River the trip to Toronto is in and of itself, daunting.
    • I'm not referring here to fidgeting uncomfortably while an unseasoned actor lurches turgidly through thousands of rhyming couplets.
    • To the unseasoned eye it all looked a bit mad but it's just the way things are done, the way of tradition.
    • If Edgerton were an amateur or an unseasoned writer, one might not expect more, but readers should expect far more from an author who holds his academic credentials out for inspection on the book-jacket.