Traducción de unsettle en Español:


alterar, v.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈsɛt(ə)l//ˌənˈsɛdl/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (plans) alterar
    (situation) desestabilizar
    melon unsettles my stomach el melón me sienta mal al estómago / me cae mal
    • the question clearly unsettled him la pregunta lo desconcertó visiblemente
    • the defeat unsettled them la derrota los afectó mucho
    • But going more than halfway to tolerate what look like disturbing cultural practices unsettles some historians, aid experts, economists and others with experience in developing societies.
    • Even overhearing conversations was enough to unsettle me.
    • But there is one other sinister and unsettling theory that does hold up rather better.
    • These figures unsettle the whole society, and make us feel uneasy and worried.
    • Despite its openness, the huge increase in the value of its concurrent transactions will unsettle an already nervous market.
    • Blackwell said he felt all the talk of a takeover was unsettling his squad.
    • The media are seemingly hounding them at every opportunity, upsetting and unsettling the squad.
    • The housing market getting a second wind is something that unsettles the Reserve Bank and could even bring forward another dose of interest rate deterrence.
    • I feel they will have to get going early and set the pace - the best way to do that is to rattle in a goal or two to unsettle the tight defence.
    • There's something about that copse which unsettles me.
    • We used very disturbing images and black comedy to unsettle the audience.
    • That said, he also has an intelligent if unsettling sense of humour about himself.
    • This evidence greatly unsettles moral objections to the death penalty, because it suggests that a refusal to impose that penalty condemns numerous innocent people to death.
    • I hope the atmosphere between us is better by then because it felt a little unsettling the other night.
    • Both men seemed to be offering an assuring revelation rather than unsettling bewilderment.
    • These were the early days of the Troubles in the North where crises in Belfast and Derry threatened to unsettle the island of Ireland.
    • I have also so far not spoken to the children on the phone as my husband reassures me that they are fine and a possible phone conversation may unsettle them.
    • Spiers has steered the organisation through some of the most unsettling eras in its history.
    • The strangeness that increasingly unsettles the reader does not appear to bother the characters, who act with an exaggerated ordinariness that comes to resemble insanity.
    • This turn of events unsettles Edwin, who is secretly in love with a colleague from the publishing house.