Traducción de unsexy en Español:


nada sexy, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈsɛksi//ʌnˈsɛksi/

adjetivounsexiest, unsexier


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    (appearance/clothes) nada sexy
    • We have had to struggle with commissars and secret-police censors; you have only to deal with bank managers… and unsexy parliamentary librarians
    • The role models are no longer the porn stars, the gym bunnies, the drugged-out club kids, the angry sexual liberationists (who are, by the way, the most unsexy people in the world).
    • The artist-rights movement ‘is an unglamorous, unfun, unsexy part of this business that the public won't find fascinating,’ Kramer adds.
    • Hallstrom makes Venice look beautiful, which is easy, and Miller seem bland and unsexy - which is the only remarkable thing about his film.
    • ‘Whether it's a flaw in the education system or the media, voting has been given a reputation for being boring and unsexy,’ she said.
    • And maybe, where women are concerned, the belief that glasses are unsexy is a subtle way of saying that brains aren't sexy…
    • Picky eaters, calorie counters, carb avoiders - whatever you want to call them, it all spells uptight and unsexy as far as we're concerned.
    • It's not unsexy, it's not unromantic, it's not unreasonable, it's not lacking in passion or love, it's just the right thing.
    • That means creating plenty of units in unsexy job categories such as civil affairs and military police - the sort of folk we could use to run Baghdad today.
    • I think she's smug, unfunny, unsexy, unclever - but not uninteresting.
    • It's a totally ridiculous, completely unsexy word.
    • She put out a book of photos called ‘Sex’ that was one of the most unsexy things I'd ever seen.
    • The one exception to the muted response is that wild-eyed redhead, whose reaction to almost anything, to the embarrassment of her sober-suited boyfriend, is a wicked, not unsexy, cackle.
    • I'm definitely not saying that women should be unsexy or unsexual, or wear parkas all the time and hide their bodies.
    • Indeed she sees her work as an attempt to ‘hop out of the dungarees ‘, a reference to the unsexy worthiness generally associated with organic clothing.’
    • I'm not sure what happened, but a combination of terribly unsexy events brought the site to a stand still.
    • Because the intent behind the sex is clinical, the steady stream of graphic episodes in the novel becomes numbing, unsexy and, well, clinical.
    • However, it clearly believes the UK economic cycle is running behind that in the US and hence its rediscovered penchant for certain out-of-fashion and still deeply unsexy UK stocks.
    • It's proving very hard to attract young people in as it's seen as rather unsexy and needs a bit of a makeover.
    • His own mode of transport is an unsexy necessity, he says, pointing out a white van parked on the road - it carries all their props and sets.
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    (activity/stock) de poco interés
    (activity/stock) poco atractivo