Traducción de unsheathe en Español:


desenvainar, v.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈʃið//ʌnˈʃiːð/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • They walked outside, unsheathing their swords, then got into position.
    • Blaise pulled himself to his feet, unsheathing his sword and heading towards the door.
    • Glancing back, he nodded once to the dozen men hiding in various positions behind him and moved forward, unsheathing his sword silently as he did so.
    • Before she had time to unsheathe her sword again, the man was upon her, another dagger drawn matching the first.
    • Without thinking, she reached under her trailing cape to unsheathe her sword.
    • ‘Don't worry about it,’ I said, unsheathing my sword and doing a few warm-up swings.
    • ‘This is going to be most difficult,’ he explained, unsheathing his sword moments later.
    • They leapt off their horses, tied them to the wooden fence and made their way up the steps, unsheathing their weapons.
    • He stood up and brushed himself off, unsheathing his sword.
    • He jumped up, unsheathing his own sword that hung at his waist.
    • She rushed at him, unsheathing her twin swords.
    • He stood there, sword still sheathed, but judging from his stance, he could easily unsheathe his sword and attack her.
    • She clumsily tried to unsheathe her sword from her pack while trying to keep up.
    • Matthias runs over to his pack and unsheathes his knife as well.
    • She wiped away her tears just before unsheathing her sword.
    • I slowly approached it, unsheathing my swords at the same time, the sheath being slipped under my belt behind me.
    • Hero and the other guardians stood in front of the royal quintet, unsheathing their weapons and creating a perimeter around their lieges.
    • ‘That's what you think,’ Alex said unsheathing his sword.
    • Ben yelled out as he rushed to unsheathe his sword.
    • The man dodged the swing easily, jumping back and unsheathing his sword in the process.