Traducción de unspoken en Español:


tácito, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈspoʊkən//ʌnˈspəʊk(ə)n/


  • 1

    (approval/agreement) tácito
    (wish) no expresado
    (wish) íntimo
    so many things remained unspoken quedaron tantas cosas sin decir
    • It has been an unspoken assumption that the law is made by humans for humans.
    • There's an unspoken but clear implication that Doherty is more of a children's entertainer than a teen hero.
    • Unfortunately there is still the unspoken understanding that young men are allowed to sow their wild oats.
    • Wired into the way we are forced to live there are silent imperatives, unspoken propositions about the world.
    • About these spoken and unspoken assumptions Jackson has only a little to say.
    • The unspoken implication is that she is prostituting herself to feed her family.
    • There was an unspoken commitment that tax payers would have to subsidise the banks and shareholders directly.
    • The unspoken assumption that fourth-century towns were of the same sort as those of the second is clearly mistaken.
    • What is so attractive about their romance is that so much of it is unspoken and silent.
    • Actually, the unspoken rule is that you never allow anyone to know your child is being tutored.
    • There's an unspoken rule when hitching that polite listening is compulsory, arguing outlawed.
    • It was an unspoken assumption that we would make our choices from a certain set of predictable outcomes.
    • For good and bad, very few things are left implicit or unspoken in the life of a liberal democracy.
    • Her manner implied unspoken gratitude for care given to a loving parent.
    • Holly looked up at her boyfriend, nodding at his silent agreement to her unspoken request.
    • His unspoken personal doubt rings out loud through that mere question.
    • The paramilitaries by unspoken agreement, sustain each other's existence and excesses.
    • I just hope that we have enough time to figure out the unspoken moral ramifications of cloning.
    • Smoothly running societies depend largely on these unspoken common grounds.
    • There was an unspoken understanding that if a dancer was not pleasing, she would not be paid.