Traducción de unstated en Español:


no expresado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈsteɪdəd//ʌnˈsteɪtɪd/


  • 1

    (wish/desire) no expresado
    the real purpose is unstated no está expresado el verdadero propósito
    • And it is a criterion that carries within it an unstated assumption about what causes psychiatric injury.
    • And the unstated goal was not simply to attract a higher number of viewers.
    • The public version of the document left unstated the implied threat of using nuclear weapons to strike first against weapons of mass destruction.
    • In any case, Pang et al. may have unknowingly found an unstated risk for hospital birth of having a mildly premature baby.
    • By embedding hundreds of journalists, the brass had sent the unstated message that it was OK to be honest.
    • The notion that there might be some reasonable explanation for that policy - stopping the bombers from getting through - was left unstated.
    • The unstated assumption seems to be that people who work for the church should expect to be poorly paid.
    • His official job was to accept his party's nomination, but the grand, unstated task was to make himself liked by people who were inclined not to like him.
    • This particular article is for that breed of people who congratulate themselves that they live by an undefined, unstated code of ethics.
    • Are there double standards, e.g., one set of stated rules yet unstated exceptions for certain people?
    • Much of this branch of your argument proceeds from unstated assumptions about the content of the ‘once and for all’ rule.
    • The last of the unstated reasons, however, is by far the worst.
    • The TV licensing adverts make the clear but unstated implication that anyone who does not have a licence is breaking the law.
    • Undeniably, many of these theatres are only barely abiding by unstated policies requiring them to screen a minimum amount of Canadian work.
    • But the word ‘commercial’ in that context is simply pregnant with unstated assumptions.
    • Although often unstated, there is a powerful academic norm which says that what is said in the classroom stays in the classroom.
    • Yet another unstated assumption is that the only way to prevent aircraft crashing into populated areas is by regulation.
    • If anything there was sympathy for libraries and their staff, allied to a vague if unstated belief that they deserved better.
    • An unstated portion of these gains were in part-time employment.
    • There was an unstated implication that this was acceptable and useful.