Traducción de unstrap en Español:


soltar las correas de, v.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈstrap//ˌənˈstræp/

verbo transitivounstrapped, unstrapping

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    soltar las correas de
    she unstrapped herself from her seat se desabrochó el cinturón de seguridad
    • He remarked that it made life easier for parents of young children, as the children didn't have to be unstrapped and marched inside to pay for the fuel.
    • Patients were encouraged to perform mobilization of the involved ankle several times per day after unstrapping the two most distal straps.
    • When he realised she had gone, he hesitated for a moment, then quickly unstrapped his guitar and laid it down in its case.
    • My feeling was I would most likely be paralyzed from the shot and not be able to unstrap myself from the seat.
    • She unstrapped the grips from her hands and held them out in Heidi's direction, urging the younger girl to mount the bars herself.
    • Amara unstrapped herself then ran to the front.
    • Dann nods, then unstraps himself from the pilot's seat.
    • Soon everyone unstraps themselves and hurries to the cockpit area.
    • He sat up, and she knelt beside him on the bed, laughing and trying to help unbuckle and unstrap his uniform.
    • He knelt at front of me and unstrapped my incredibly strappy sandals.
    • He quickly unstrapped himself from his chair, and instructed him to do the same.
    • The Offspring clatter to a tuneful halt; the singer gives the room a disgusted look, unstraps his guitar and walks off.
    • One fatal industrial accident at the port of Port-of-Spain last year, for instance, occurred when a worker unstrapped himself from his harness, then fell through a roof to his death.
    • I unstrapped my gun holster, and hung it next to my coat.
    • Johnathan traced her with his eyes until she was out of sight, then sat up, unstrapping the gun and putting it onto the counter with a dull thud that no one heard.
    • He unstrapped himself from the seat and picked up his bags.
    • You slide off the side of the kayak, unstrap your equipment and put it all on in the water.
    • ‘I don't think I can get up,’ she giggled, trying to unstrap her skates so that she could have better footing.
    • After unstrapping their quivers and slinging them onto his saddle, he paused for a moment, wrapped in thought, then went back to the still figures.
    • Whenever she had the opportunity, she would go down to the water, unstrap her canoe, and paddle out to a likely spot to do some fishing.
    • The pilot unstrapped himself and opened the door for his Taisho, like any good Samurai would.
    • ‘We're good to go,’ said sergeant Lloyd in the comm channel, ‘Men, progress outside and don't unstrap yourselves until I say so.’
    • He unstrapped himself from the chair, leading her towards his room.
    • Phil managed to unstrap Clive and carry/drag him to safety in the grass past the left wing.
    • Unable to balance with the six-inch difference, I unstrapped both of my shoes and kicked them aside.
    • They unstrapped themselves as the landing cycle completed and the shuttle exit ramp deployed.
    • His gut got the best of him, so he unstrapped his short-barrel .357 Magnum revolver, and proceeded slowly.
    • They unstrapped each of us (none of us could reach our own straps) and escorted us out one by one.
    • She unstrapped herself from her chair and stood, making sure the safeties on her guns were off.
    • He unstrapped himself from his command chair and moved on unsteady legs to the communications console.
    • Porter unstrapped himself from his ejector chair, and sprang to his feet.
    • I unstrapped these skates and gave him the skates, and off I went with this book.
    • The idea of auctioning the watch for charity came to the star during the New York premiere of his movie, when he suddenly unstrapped the watch and invited the audience to bid for it.
    • ‘Hi Brad,’ Kristin said to her husband absently as she unstrapped her children from their car seats.
    • She hurriedly unstrapped her saddle, removed the saddlebags, and practically threw the whole thing over the fence.
    • ‘Leave me alone,’ he said, walking off towards his room, unstrapping his pistols and pulling off his white shirt.
    • The captain unstrapped himself as Maura horsed the engines into overdrive.
    • The helmet was unstrapped and set down on the body of the bike, revealing a young woman's face.
    • On closer inspection the frame seems to be a traction unit as Richard tilts himself upright and begins to unstrap himself, whilst delivering his opening soliloquy.
    • She unstrapped the collar and left it on the floor.