Traducción de unsuccessful en Español:


infructuoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnsəkˈsɛsfʊl//ˌənsəkˈsɛsfəl//ʌnsəkˈsɛsf(ə)l/


  • 1

    (attempt) infructuoso
    (attempt) fallido
    (attempt) vano
    the unsuccessful outcome of the talks el fracaso de las negociaciones
    • after two unsuccessful marriages después de dos fracasos matrimoniales
    • to be unsuccessful with men/women no tener éxito con los hombres/las mujeres
    • we regret to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful lamentamos informarle que no ha sido seleccionado
    • I tried to contact you, but was unsuccessful traté de ponerme en contacto con usted, pero fue imposible
    • they were unsuccessful in their efforts to please her no lograron / consiguieron complacerla
    • we were unsuccessful in tracing the source of the information no pudimos dar con las fuentes de la información
    • That is not restricted to the situation where the claimant is successful or unsuccessful.
    • After a few unsuccessful attempts I gave up and started to push it the last ten miles or so.
    • It follows the Eaglegate building's unsuccessful spell on the lettings market as offices.
    • He says attempts to clarify the company's intentions have been unsuccessful.
    • We have had several unsuccessful attempts in the past and have intercepted all of them successfully.
    • She is not a technical person and it is not surprising that she was unsuccessful in her attempts to do so.
    • One of the group made an unsuccessful attempt to find him before the police were called.
    • To discriminate between successful and unsuccessful interventions we need evidence.
    • Attempts to locate the lorry at Harwich International Port were unsuccessful.
    • Firefighters in Wales left the picket line in an unsuccessful attempt to save a life.
    • Will the month-long tour be extended if the American mission is unsuccessful?
    • An unsuccessful attempt had also been made to set fire to the main shop building.
    • On his first attempt he was unsuccessful, because he couldn't reach the pedals.
    • Equally importantly, the fraction of unsuccessful attempts was reduced fivefold.
    • He has already made two unsuccessful attempts at raising finance to fund an expansion programme.
    • Although the bid was unsuccessful, the event raised the profile of the town.
    • After two unsuccessful attempts a doctor would not be able to apply again for restoration.
    • She added it was important the company had plans in other cities, in case Sheffield was unsuccessful.
    • Even though I ended up dreading every unsuccessful feed, I mourned the final one.
    • Police were called, and made a number of unsuccessful attempts to catch the cow.