Traducción de unsurpassed en Español:


sin igual, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənsərˈpæst//ʌnsəˈpɑːst/


  • 1

    (beauty/mastery) sin igual
    (mastery/beauty) sin par literario
    he is unsurpassed in his knowledge of the subject nadie lo supera en conocimiento del tema
    • He was praised as ‘a Belfast boy, who made a historic and unsurpassed contribution to Association Football’.
    • His knowledge of Westbury was said to be unsurpassed and he had been a key player in planning the town's visitor centre, which opened in December.
    • The stylistic theming is unsurpassed in anything I have ever seen.
    • Notice that it doesn't say that an unsurpassed, penetrating and perfect dharma is rare.
    • His plotting is unsurpassed, her characters entirely believable, and her prose the most readable in crime fiction.
    • It is amazing that, in an era of unsurpassed economic vibrancy, that we still have young people who fall through the net of illiteracy.
    • Rising enrollment in area schools is part of a movement that experts say is unsurpassed in the country's education history since the Civil War.
    • The magnificence and diversity of the wildlife and landscape is unsurpassed.
    • His unsurpassed resilience to Hollywood's finest voice coaches may get laughs from the critics, but also works in his favour.
    • They have always been leaders in scouting and their record in national competition is unsurpassed.
    • It is of a transcendent level of kitsch, unsurpassed in any votive shrine I've ever seen.
    • The range, magnificence and diversity of the monuments in the Luxor area is unsurpassed in all of Egypt.
    • One defeat in eight years is unsurpassed by any player in any tournament and this period of dominance gives him an enormous advantage when he walks on to court.
    • Their affinity with the Leicester public, too, is unsurpassed.
    • As the night wore on he was firmly in the middle of the action, playing with a passion unsurpassed among those performing.
    • It was not, alas, unique, unequalled, unsurpassed, or uncommon for all that.
    • In an area like the Borders, where there is a proud heritage and a popular love of rugby that is unsurpassed anywhere, a pro-team should flourish.
    • Today it still remains unsurpassed by all who have tried.
    • The artistry of the hidden beauty lies in its polysemy, and that of the visible in its unsurpassed preeminence.
    • The beauty and the charm of this lovely spot is unsurpassed.