Traducción de unsurprising en Español:


nada sorprendente, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnsəˈprʌɪzɪŋ//ˌənsə(r)ˈpraɪzɪŋ/


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    nada sorprendente
    • Indeed, some might say that his political intentions are unsurprising.
    • Recent research came up with the unsurprising info that the average ballet dancer was supremely more fit than the average footballer.
    • The unsurprising response was that it was needed immediately while some were keen to wait until money was available.
    • That occasionally he might overstep the line is unsurprising.
    • The least surprising thing about the Emmy Awards this year was how unsurprising they were.
    • The initial blow is hard, so it is unsurprising that it hurts.
    • This, I thought at the time, was unsurprising given the presumably pitiful state of the Ghanaian school system.
    • The subsequent interpretations of the debate by the panel and others were also totally unsurprising.
    • This is completely unsurprising, as the law, such as it exists here, on charities is simply not enforced.
    • In a skinny train of islands in a deserted corner of a very big ocean, it is unsurprising that the sea and shore are top of the list.
    • The findings were as disturbing as they were unsurprising, pointing up old stereotypes of circuit queens.
    • At its heart is the unsurprising premise that personal experience dictates how we interpret information.
    • In Old Saint Paul's, a quiet, cut-off space for fallen soldiers, it was unsurprising she thought of a martyr.
    • The Guardian, I understand, has expressed a totally unsurprising interest.
    • This is unsurprising as they are men of great power and influence.
    • The subsequent interpretations of the debate by the panel and others have also been totally unsurprising.
    • This is unsurprising as HSBC has led high street banks in acquiring City of London stockbroking skills.
    • Environmentalists and water union leaders said the Commission's results were unsurprising.
    • In a way, this is unsurprising, because it occupied a prime piece of Notting Hill real estate, which was frankly wasted on children.
    • Another worrying fact is the unsurprising fact that those with pensions tend to live longer than those not so lucky.