Traducción de unswept en Español:


sin barrer, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈswɛpt//ˌənˈswɛpt/


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    sin barrer
    • The roads stopped being sprinkled at sunset, the buildings ceased to receive their annual whitewash, the gardens decayed, and litter and dirt began to pile up unswept on the pavements.
    • As the door opens, the job seekers shuffle across unswept concrete floors to the sign-in counter.
    • People have to see that something has been done instead of peering too much in the unswept BSP yard.
    • Your readers will not be surprised to learn that complaints about the unswept streets in Wandsworth increased by a whopping 42 per cent.
    • The dossier contains photographs of kerbside rubbish, unswept roads, leaf litter and uncollected bin bags at sites across the city.
    • It is unquestionably very gritty: it's not a place to go in contact lenses, there's always a wind blowing in from Harlesden or somewhere causing immemorial dust to rise from the unswept pavements.
    • Inside too, it was difficult to separate the lovely dance-carved pillars from the grime, plastic litter and the week's unswept pooja debris.
    • That the punishment of lazy or untidy people should involve unswept dust or refuse makes sense, but why should the refuse be put into their stomachs?
    • Pay attention to detail in the portfolio images and notice if the photographer has neglected unswept floors or left unsightly trash cans in view.
    • On a recent walkabout with my fellow ward councillors, we picked up on numerous problems with litter, bin bags, problem gullies, unswept roads - and I know the situation is similar elsewhere.
    • The kitchen was a mouse paradise, offering undisturbed shelter and a limitless supply of food on the unswept floor and the surfaces beside the sink, which were buried beneath a mountain of used plates, bowls and cups.
    • The open lattice work and unswept roof line add to the elegance of the huge structure.
    • Each winter about 450 homes are damaged by fire and 400 fires result from unswept chimneys.
    • Fortunately, Graham is understanding and, when he comes home and finds a cobweb here and an unswept patch there he waits until I'm not looking and puts it to rights for me.
    • How many streets will have to remain unswept, how many refuse bins left to overflow, and roadways left to crumble to help pay for this latest face-saving exercise.?