Traducción de untamed en Español:


sin domar, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈteɪmd//ʌnˈteɪmd/


  • 1

    (animal) sin domar
    (wilderness/forests) virgen
    (forests/wilderness) agreste
    (forces of nature/passion) indómito
    • Tina prefers to leave her wild red curls untamed and steals expensive high heels.
    • The island's beauty is in its wild untamed character.
    • Covering the top of his head was a wild, untamed mess of black curls.
    • Heathcliff is the wild, untamed boy she grew up with, whom no one understands or has patience with.
    • Being back in Canada made me long for the untamed wilds of forest and rock that Fukui lacks.
    • The untamed beauty of Canada is mystical at its core, but it is the way it is interpreted in his sketches and paintings that takes the breath away.
    • If you're looking for an adrenaline rush and an untamed hooligan bike, the new Bandit, fun though it is, isn't the bike for you.
    • This wild and untamed theme song is one of the finest punk tracks ever recorded.
    • If this capitalism goes untamed, it fosters a modernisation that drains and erodes.
    • Infested with wild pigs, brumbies and feral cattle, it's an untamed, remote place that challenges the senses.
    • Not like the typical wild untamed people, he was someone different, and depicted in the media over quite an extended period of time in that way.
    • Meantime, the federal budget deficit remains untamed and likely to be aggravated by this disaster.
    • We stand and muse, a little wary of nature in such an untamed and powerful form.
    • By comparison with Point Pleasant Beach, the shore at Sandy Hook was wild and untamed.
    • For they know that within you is a force that is like that of a hurricane - wild, natural, untamed and irrepressible.
    • The east coast is wild, windy and untamed by development, the sea a challenge for even competent surfers.
    • Being the very height of its summer holidays as well as carnival time, it produces a wild and untamed version of an August bank holiday but in the middle of March.
    • He sails to the Marquesas, where the people, he thinks, are still free and untamed.
    • This was grassed over, but it sat behind a terrace of houses: it therefore counted as city, not as untamed wilderness.
    • The north side of the river remains a wilder, untamed side compared to the southern, more urbanised side.