Traducción de untangle en Español:


desenredar, v.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈtaŋɡ(ə)l//ˌənˈtæŋɡəl/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (threads/hair) desenredar
    (hair/threads) desenmarañar
    (mystery) esclarecer
    (mystery) dilucidar
    (mystery) desentrañar
    • In addition, since economic growth is central to progress the two concepts cannot be easily untangled.
    • The place was deserted, save for myriad squirrels, but I found that some young tykes had tangled up the swings, so I did my bit for community service and untangled them.
    • The Cave untangles this paradox through its dogged insistence on an ancient, if seldom realized, human quality: generosity.
    • She reached to untangle the reins and free the horse, the bushes scratching at her arms, snagging the sleeves of her now-tattered dress.
    • A liner note by the executive producer untangles some of this all-too-typical Balkan tale, but this recording is more a testament to resilience and joy than anger and resentment.
    • The news is that young people are taking the lead in untangling the issues, as the hip hop generation runs its first political campaign.
    • Most ramblers flower on shoots produced the previous season so anything pruned now reduces flowering, so prune only to shape the plant and untangle it, removing, where possible, just the oldest wood.
    • A complementary line of research, meanwhile, is untangling the mechanisms for predicting what is nasty.
    • The bones were sort of tangled, so the doctors had to untangle the bones and then sort of maneuver their way through my hand and create fingers.
    • They must not only unravel the problems of their own lives, they must untangle the mystery of his death.
    • In The Hill, he nicely untangles the web of money contributions and Washington hardball that led thirteen Senators to bully him into backing off.
    • For untangling the spaghetti bowl that is Tokyo's train/subway system, it's pretty much indispensable.
    • In an effort to untangle the issues, SEE Magazine spoke to an independent researcher and consultant on health promotion and health policy.
    • Combs for untangling knots sell like hot cakes.
    • It means spending hours untangling Christmas lights and searching for the one loose bulb keeping them stubbornly dim.
    • Initially, the umbilical cord was caught around her neck so while she untangled her new daughter he fetched clean towels and helped to clean her.
    • Produced by Paper Birds, this is an impressionistic and melancholy hour of physical theatre that tangles together and untangles the lives of six young women who all passed through a single room.
    • While progress is good, and the scarf will be completed, I sometimes think that untangling the wool is more fun than the actual knitting.
    • He valiantly discards this safety net, daring readers to untangle the clues ahead of the police.
    • I lingered on in the car park, untangling emotions, uncertain what I wanted to do next.
    • Orin Kerr has a long post that tries to begin to untangle the difficult legal threads of constitutional and statutory law.
    • This is the second time in the last 12 months we have had to untangle a swan from the river.
    • When you have watched men of the cloth ministering to the Drumcree marchers, and watched the Orange battalions at prayer, it is less easy to untangle religion from the emotions involved.
    • Instead, engineers developed ‘splicing,’ which untangles the ends of threads and twists them together at the same time.
    • Mick had to fend off youngsters trying to jump onto his boat, cope with water shortages, regularly untangle his propeller, avoid a sunken portable toilet and even hide from a barrage of maggots.
    • I would watch the dark, tanned bodies of fishermen, untangling their seine, getting ready for the toils of the day.
    • One could spend hours untangling the skeins of etymologies and historical allusions Kinsella has woven together in these poems.
    • This is done by cutting off all fruited canes at the base and untangling new growth and tying it to supports against the wall or fence.
    • The conundrum facing anyone wishing to untangle the events of the last three months is that when all the smoke clears, there is no one else the British or Unionists can do business with but Sinn Fein.
    • A worker untangles his hose on the freshly sandblasted deck of the Queen of Coquitlam.
    • He twisted his hands to untangle them, then he discovered my watch and started poking at the liquid crystal display behind the glass.
    • It appears that as a result of this ‘cross-contamination’, the two lists have arrived at a point where there are variations on each other and it is probably impossible to untangle them.
    • At the next pull it shakes into life and we're off towards Dawros Head, untangling the fishing line, scanning the water for mackerel shoals breaking the surface.
    • We should therefore take heart from what has largely been an unsensational, sensitive and informed approach not just to reporting events but to untangling the complex political and diplomatic background.
    • Chose a clear day to mend a broken fence covered in a climber, as it will be a time-consuming job to untie and untangle the plant.
    • A weeping father untangles the limbs of his dead son from the barbed wire that held him under the flood.
    • The use of a highly textured piercing sound whose layers cannot be easily untangled makes his painful memory visceral for the viewer.
    • If Alam's job as hard-nosed, aggressive news editor is to untangle fact from fiction, Yaqub's as editor is to give her younger readers a sense of identity within a traditional theology.