Traducción de untaxed en Español:


libre de impuestos, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈtakst//ˌənˈtækst/


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    libre de impuestos
    • Diesel fuel for fishermen is currently untaxed in many EU countries, but even so the costs for the industry have become prohibitive with a recent spike in the price of oil.
    • Items which could reduce your tax free allowance are any untaxed interest, benefits in kind or any freelance earnings.
    • Many gains and dividends go untaxed, because equities are owned by tax-exempt investors such as pension funds.
    • Take the Netherlands, which long tolerated a thriving but untaxed sex trade in the Walletjes, Amsterdam's red-light district.
    • Consumption of land and natural resources remains substantially untaxed.
    • Also, actions by the state in relation to rezoning, planning permission or infrastructure should not result in significant, untaxed gains to landowners.
    • But it serves no public purpose to encourage plaintiffs to regard a successful libel action, risky though the process undoubtedly is, as a road to untaxed riches.
    • We call it an income tax, but it doesn't actually tax all income: The value of fringe benefits, such as health insurance and parking, goes untaxed.
    • To pay these volunteers, he levied a three percent flat income tax on those earning $800 or more, as well as a variety of sales taxes, to the point that Northerners complained that the only thing left untaxed was the air.
    • It is true that a partial excise can be shifted forward in this way, in the long run, by resources leaving, let us say, the liquor industry and shifting into other untaxed industries.
    • Even the author seems amazed by the extent to which the cruise lines remain unregulated, untaxed, and simply unaccountable to anyone.
    • Even federal employees earn 25 percent more in untaxed hardship pay.
    • The taco shop would pass to heirs untaxed, just as the vast majority of small businesses do.
    • At some point the American government will have to do something about the huge amount of untaxed money leaving the country.
    • Social Security benefits are untaxed for relatively low-income beneficiaries but 85% taxable for higher-income recipients.
    • With corporate tax levels around 35 per cent, Microsoft effectively received an untaxed benefit of $16 billion.
    • The airline industry is unique in the transport sector in that it pays no VAT and its fuel remains untaxed.
    • One idea for improvement might be to tax each bequest rather than the estate as a whole: smaller bequests would be untaxed.
    • So it is an untaxed fund, or not a taxed fund, and there is no rebate.
    • Heath envisioned free, untaxed trade, but ignored the issue of the natural bounty, and went beyond George in seeking to eradicate the political source of governmental tyranny.