Traducción de untold en Español:


incalculable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈtoʊld//ʌnˈtəʊld/


  • 1

    (wealth/sums) incalculable
    (sums/wealth) fabuloso
    (pleasures/misery) indecible
    (misery/pleasures) inenarrable
    (pleasures/misery) inefable
    • He busily scampered up-and-down the left wing while he was on the pitch and sent in a number of teasing crosses that caused untold trouble in the home defence.
    • Do you remember those dot.coms that promised untold wealth for early Internet investors?
    • An untold number of people switch from benefit on the ground of unemployment to benefit on the ground of incapacity.
    • Vandals are unwittingly causing untold damage to wildlife habitat in Savernake Forest, says a forester.
    • Just as with all ads promising untold wealth or fantastic investment returns, there's going to be a catch.
    • However, for an untold number of years the Indians had skimmed oil from the surface of streams and ponds.
    • I think this would do untold psychological damage to our children.
    • In the hands of the untrained and unwary it can cause untold damage to your wealth.
    • By being accessed again and again, an untold number of invitations are performed.
    • But the long-term effects and a tendency to detox and retox could be doing untold physical and mental damage
    • A worm that spread the same way and was damaging could do an untold amount of damage, and I think we are pretty wide open to this kind of thing.
    • Both reveal untold depths of futility and desperation.
    • In the past four years, untold numbers of companies have gone bust in the second half, and the new year has started with something more like a whimper than a bang.
    • This year with the long dry spell there is a real risk of fire which could destroy acres of trees causing untold financial loss as well as risking lives.
    • It does untold damage to the numerous pelagic seabirds indigenous to the area: murres, puffins and gannets.
    • Plus, we have untold numbers of vehicles, and tons and tons of equipment to be transported back.
    • You may wake up one day to find that it had disappeared and having a back up will save you a untold number of man hours to restore it.
    • It has brought prosperity while creating huge untold environmental damage and complaints.
    • They may have made an untold number of decisions on the basis that they were in line to play in Europe's biggest tournament the following season.
    • The ladies under the dryers nodded in agreement, doing untold damage to their new hairstyles as they banged them against the inside of the dryers.
  • 2

    (not told)
    (story) nunca contado
    (secret) sin desvelar
    (secret) sin revelar
    (secret) sin develar América Latina
    • We believe we have the untold story of the election.
    • The untold story here, however, is the rationalisation that has transformed the industry in recent years.
    • That's when more untold stories of what all went behind the making of the epic will unfold out of 150 hours of rushes.
    • The great untold story of the 2004 presidential elections was the black evangelical vote.
    • She went to her grave a mystery, her tale untold, mum to the end.
    • I think another untold story of this war is the mobilization of parents and spouses of the troops over there, who are in opposition.
    • This is one of the great untold stories of the night.
    • She describes her life as the great untold story of modernism.
    • So many untold stories, so many surprising facts are hidden away in dusty towns and remote villages.
    • The untold story of the last World Cup was that thousands of people went from this country to support Jamaica and caused absolutely no trouble at all.
    • The hitherto untold story behind the Smertin transfer offers further insight into the extent of his influence.
    • The untold truth is those sites get a multitude of complaints because they are very difficult to navigate.
    • These barriers have left the events of many great battles untold and unexplored.
    • For every depressing story of unrest and instability there is an untold story of potential and hope.
    • Sometimes, stark images can speak for themselves and even narrate untold stories.
    • The untold stories he tells us are about his family - and in particular, his mother, his father, and his two favourite aunts.
    • The untold stories between then and now are multiple and unknowable.
    • Fighting mold is big business, an untold story in the building industry.
    • There are a million untold stories like this one that say he's done quite enough already.
    • Only while shooting these subjects I make a deliberate effort to involve an untold story in my pictures.