Traducción de untrained en Español:


falto de formación, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈtreɪnd//ʌnˈtreɪnd/


  • 1

    (staff) falto de formación
    (staff) falto de capacitación
    (teacher) sin título
    (animal) no amaestrado
    to the untrained eye/ear they look very similar para un lego en la materia / para (el ojo/oído de) quien no es experto se parecen mucho
    • Some are leased for the day to third-party crews that are untrained and often unlicensed.
    • Meanwhile, someone untrained in music or drama or whatever can enjoy a performance and take it at face value.
    • By his own admission, he was too untrained and untalented to utter an on-camera word.
    • She looks up to you as her friend, philosopher and guru, because she was an untrained singer and has learnt so much from you.
    • Women are more likely to be considered incompetent and untrained with firearms.
    • The first Aboriginal welfare service in Sydney did great work with untrained workers.
    • We would have an army of untrained teenagers with not much in the way of skills.
    • We sent in too few troops and those we sent were untrained and inexperienced.
    • The figures for untrained teachers were compiled by the trade union in the first fortnight in September.
    • In a taste test, untrained observers also rated the organic apples to be the sweetest of the bunch.
    • Last March, there was a near riot when unqualified and untrained staff were brought in.
    • Obstetric forceps are potentially dangerous in the hands of untrained or inexperienced obstetricians.
    • There are some strange things in the inspectors' report which my untrained eye can't understand.
    • The youth who is trained and encouraged becomes an asset and an untrained youth remains a liability to the nation.
    • Your voice, most likely untrained, should serve as just another whispering instrument.
    • These tend to use untrained youngsters in order to save on costs.
    • Though beautifully picturesque to the untrained eye, it's also a new breed of high-tech wharf.
    • Striking firefighters warned that it would be dangerous for untrained army firefighters to use breathing apparatus.
    • This could mean that untrained teachers will be allowed to teach in our schools.
    • But he stressed that making sure water was purified or boiled when living off the land was difficult for the untrained.