Traducción de untreated en Español:


sin tratar, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈtridəd//ʌnˈtriːtɪd/


  • 1

    (waste/sewage) sin tratar
    (waste/sewage) sin procesar
    untreated wood (contra la humedad, polilla etc) madera que no ha sido tratada
    • untreated, the disease can be fatal si no se trata, la enfermedad puede ser mortal
    • He said the problem lay at Zwelitsha and the municipality was pumping raw untreated sewage into the Buffalo River.
    • It was unclean water, untreated sewage and uncollected rubbish.
    • The previous inspections found both boats were dumping sewage, food waste and untreated water into the ocean.
    • It also admitted that a drinking water fountain had been pumping out untreated industrial water for nine months.
    • Hazards can include jellyfish, cramp and hypothermia and sickness due to untreated sewage pollution.
    • Since then the sewage of more than half a million inhabitants has flowed untreated into the river.
    • He said he was amazed to hear there were areas where untreated sewage is getting into a river.
    • The Calder flows into the River Ribble near Clitheroe and carries untreated sewage for miles.
    • The untreated sewage was taken from a septic tank beside a public toilet and dispersed with a muck spreader.
    • It is a well-known fact that untreated sewage is the major cause of polluted rivers, the world over.