Traducción de unverifiable en Español:


no verificable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənvɛrəˈfaɪəbəl//ʌnˈvɛrɪfʌɪəb(ə)l/


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    no verificable
    • Whereas proponents claim that the restriction on all nuclear testing will limit vertical and horizontal proliferation, critics argue the Treaty is unverifiable and will therefore be unable to constrain proliferation.
    • Much of the research cited in the programme remains unpublished and hence unverifiable.
    • Some ethnographers, for example, use an interpretive approach, drawing on experiential knowledge gained from physical participation in the field, knowledge that others might discount as unverifiable.
    • There can be new identities created, unverifiable through casual conversation.
    • Credit cards are issued to unverifiable business addresses, or posh students who claim to be Lord Twiddle of Twaddle earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.
    • We know, too, how the questions were framed, amid unverifiable assurances from anonymous US intelligence officials that he was not harmed, and that the only coercion was of the psychological kind.
    • Though no broad citizens' movement has formed against computerized vote-counting, a nationwide backlash against unverifiable paperless voting has.
    • Police in Sofia found brass parts apparently stolen from the public water supply system, five chassis with deleted serial numbers, other car parts and aluminum scrap of unverifiable origin.
    • Other claims were based on audio recordings and satellite images, and still more were based on unverifiable claims from unidentified human witnesses and ‘defectors.’
    • While this is, of course, unverifiable, it does at least suggest a practice of some generations’ standing.
    • Their accuracy will be virtually unverifiable but will shape our perceptions as to the balance of interests and influences at work in the universal Church between reformers and conservatives - and between the First and Third Worlds.
    • Their story is unverifiable innuendo, and chasing that hare merely adds more load on the cops - who, in case you've forgotten, are trying to prevent the next slaughter.
    • According to an unverifiable though not implausible tradition, in early times afflicted states were occasionally urged to dispatch a colony.
    • As a measure to minimise the risk of inadvertent launch, de-targeting (removing the target coordinates from the launch system computer) is commendable, although unverifiable.
    • While the phenomenon of global warming is an empty worry, fundamentally unverifiable and unfalsifiable in a strict scientific sense, it is one that has been empowered with a greater meaning by those who have the motive to do so.
    • Answers to your questions may come in the form of lies, tall tales and unverifiable information.
    • I can see that this is essentially unverifiable.
    • Criticised by HRW and human rights organisations within Turkey as contradictory and unverifiable, official figures released last month put total returns at only 71,000.
    • Nonetheless, there was agreement both that all legitimate knowledge is either scientific or logico-mathematical, and that where traditional metaphysics involves claims that are wholly unverifiable, these claims are meaningless.
    • The United States therefore faces the likelihood that about three out of ten of the votes in the national election this November will be unverifiable, unauditable and unrecountable.