Traducción de unwilling en Español:


mal dispuesto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈwɪlɪŋ//ʌnˈwɪlɪŋ/


  • 1

    (assistant/student) mal dispuesto
    to be unwilling to + inf no querer + inf
    • she was unwilling to speak about it no quería hablar / no estaba dispuesta a hablar de ello
    • I'm unwilling to give them any more information no estoy dispuesto a darles más información
    • Some have disabilities which the parents are unable or unwilling to cope with.
    • If you are unwilling to go back to the city at night, you can easily find a farmer willing to provide a room for a very low charge.
    • The bull trade was slow as evident in all bull sales as farmers are unwilling to buy bulls at this time of year.
    • They are unwilling to accept a role for Congress in deciding how much aid money to spend.
    • Though they can't see clearly, most children are unwilling to let others know it.
    • She cast herself as cautious, well prepared and unwilling to compromise her safety.
    • Maybe these people are just happy to be where they are, and unwilling to sell at any price.
    • He is unwilling to use the same pattern twice, because each customer wants his or her tattoo to be unique.
    • Not coincidentally, those people are also usually unwilling to pay a fair rate.
    • People were either afraid or just plain unwilling to give sufficient evidence.
    • Government wants a search and rescue system in place but is unwilling to pay.
    • Governments seem to be unwilling to use any but the most primitive strategies.
    • Some will be risk averse, others close to retirement and unwilling to jeopardise their futures.
    • Telecom has been unable or unwilling to make JetStream attractive to many of us.
    • She fought him grimly, watched by other motorists unwilling to help, and then the man let go and ran.
    • A bigger obstacle to hurling progress is the number of players unwilling to commit to the cause.
    • It has signaled that it is essentially unwilling to grant its demands and is prepared for a long struggle.
    • According to Shanghai Youth Daily, most affluent locals are unwilling to be listed.
    • Funny how the group seemed unwilling to take questions on a press release they had prepared.
    • On this day the audience sat quietly when the second dance ended, as if quite unwilling to break the mood.