Traducción de unworn en Español:


casi nuevo, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈwɔːn//ˌənˈwɔrn/


  • 1

    (little used)
    (tire/carpet) casi nuevo
    • ‘Clean interiors, seats and unworn pedal pads speak a lot about the car's overall condition,’ he added.
    • On unworn specimens, the serrated crest is highest at the third cusp and is often weakly sigmoid in dorsal view: the most labial cusp is the fourth or fifth, and the talonid curves more lingually.
    • Even though relatively unworn teeth were measured when possible, the HI represents a conservative estimate because any wear or incomplete eruption reduces the numerator, crown height.
    • The specimen from Massachusetts was an after-hatching-year bird with newly acquired basic plumage and fully developed and unworn flight feathers, indicative of early molt.
    • Once or twice we crossed trackways, small and unworn.
    • It is interrupted near its middle in unworn teeth.
    • Roundness is increased by abrasion and chemical weathering processes, which blunt particle edges, and decreased by fracturing, which creates new, unworn edges.
    • A small disruption between entoconid and entostylid can be observed in almost all of the unworn specimens.
    • The trail descends, as stony as a streambed but never smooth, for these rocks are angular, unworn by steadily running water.
    • When unworn, the enamel covering the talonid basin is densely crenulated.
    • The car looked immaculate and the interior was clean and unworn, which could mean the mileage was accurate, although the digits on the speedo didn't quite line up - a telltale sign that the mileometer might have been tampered with.
    • Even on relatively unworn specimens hypoconid and entoconid are not clearly discernible.
    • Cut off the unworn part of old sheets to make pillowcases.
    • Yet its unworn state suggests that it was not left in the open for long, and a crack across the base may indicate that it was pushed over by force - so the original story that the rebels pushed down the stone should not be dismissed.
    • The long and straight anteroloph is isolated in unworn teeth.
    • The feel of the worn part of the mat is quite different to the unused and unworn section on the bottom left part of the pad.
    • The tooth is virtually unworn, displaying only small wear facets on the anterior side and tip of the paracone, the tip of the metacone and adjacent parts of the postparacrista, and the sides of the protocone and on the conules.
  • 2

    (never used)
    (dress/shoes) sin uso
    (dress/shoes) no usado
    • She picked out a brand-new, unworn dark denim miniskirt and held it up against her, checking it out in the mirror.
    • Human nakedness was given no added nobility, but unworn noble garments did command separate admiration.
    • ‘If an item is returned with a receipt, unopened or unused / unworn, the retailer sees the return as an opportunity to provide good customer service,’ she says.
    • The situation is even more maddening when the trousers are brand new and still unworn.
    • If it has languished in your wardrobe since last winter's sales, chances are it will still be there unworn in January 2005.
    • Sara fell into step beside him, finally realizing that she clenched and unclenched her still unworn gloves in her hand.
    • Your cupboards are full of new clothes, shoes, jewellery and make-up, either unworn with labels still attached or worn once and never touched again.
    • What a rich woman cannot consume, such as the diamond bauble that sits unworn in the back of her jewelry box, is simply wasted, socially speaking.
    • There can be few museums in the world whose range of exhibits includes a stuffed, 5ft-long, prehistoric fish and a pair of unworn, extremely expensive, blue cowboy-boots.
    • We're honoring the event by offering you the chance to win a pair of unworn (as far as we know) promotion Google boxer shorts.
    • Goods can be returned within 28 days with a receipt as long as they're unworn and undamaged.
    • I still have a jumper bought by my mother last Christmas unworn and still in its bag.
    • On average, men rated the unworn t-shirt's scent attractiveness 3.82 and women rated it 4.02.
    • I have reevaluated my collection of necklaces, most of them unworn, many of them gestures intended by my mother to fertilize the stunted signifiers of my femininity.
    • The unworn white cotton T-shirts were prepared by washing them with nonperfumed soap powder and keeping them in odorless plastic freezing bags after drying.
    • In addition to the shirts worn by men and women, one unworn shirt was included in the sample.
    • It's a mature and intelligent work which explores with sympathy and candour not only Maggie's empty lifestyle but also the restricted world of her more ‘sensible’ sister, whose collection of shoes goes mostly unworn.
    • My new white dress, unworn, remained in my suitcase and we arrived at the Castle on the edge of the sea with five minutes to spare.
    • And of the things you can't call vintage, what has remained unworn in your closet for the longest time?