Traducción de upheaval en Español:


Pronunciación /ʌpˈhiːv(ə)l//ˌəpˈhivəl/


  • 1

    a period of great social/political upheaval una época de gran agitación social/política
    • changing schools was a great upheaval for the children el cambio de escuela fue muy perturbador para los niños
    • all the upheaval of moving house todo el trastorno que implica una mudanza
    • it was a terrible emotional upheaval for her fue muy traumático para ella
  • 2

    levantamiento masculino
    • The Boxing Day tsunami and the Sumatran earthquake on March 28, which registered 9 on the Richter scale, have made the world conscious of these massive upheavals of the Earth.
    • The ancient earth was prepared through thousands of years of geologic upheaval.
    • Formed by volcanic upheavals, the island sits atop 100-foot cliffs rising straight out of deep ocean.
    • Since being exposed through the earth's upheavals on the top of a mountain in Antarctica, the rest of the fish's body had now unfortunately been eroded away.
    • The geological upheavals that divided rivers and river basins provided opportunities for speciation when fish populations were isolated.
    • Over eons these sediments became buried beneath layers of mud and ash caused by forest fires, more volcanic eruptions, rains and upheavals.