Traducción de uppercase en Español:


caja alta, n.

(upper case)


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    caja alta femenino
    an uppercase letter/M una letra/M mayúscula
    • The specification sets out things such as standard data locations, standard fonts, upper case lettering, and types of human-readable data.
    • You should have passwords that are at least eight characters long - consisting of a mixture of numbers, upper case and lower case letters.
    • And on that note, I give you the lovely e-mail I received this evening from ‘Greg A.'. At least he avoided upper-case type.
    • The test selected requires the child to recognize whether isolated upper case letters and numerals are correctly oriented, and measures memory for the correct visual form of letters and numerals.
    • To keep things simple, the file uses only upper case letters, digits and punctuation marks, and does not include spaces.
    • It's especially important when going over the username and password, letter by letter, number by number, upper case by lower case - because, as the user manual says, ‘It's vital to type in the correct username and password’.
    • As an editor, this happens to drive me crazy (along with the lack of upper-case letters where one would normally expect them).
    • They might not know their upper-case letters from their lower, but today's online activists certainly know how to disrupt the enemy.
    • Letters were presented in upper case, white Arial font on a black background.
    • She's always liked us to read to her, and she's been practising her upper-case letters and trying to figure out how to spell words for a long time, but reading stuff she didn't already know frustrated her.
    • The first letter of this code is upper case and the second, if present, is lower case.
    • Often in fine but upper-case print, most preprinted prescription labels include the words.
    • The game can be used to reinforce number recognition, letter recognition, the difference between upper case and lower case letters, letter sounds, colors, etc.
    • But as the k was typed in lower case, it was mysteriously replaced by an uppercase letter.
    • Naturally my eye was drawn to this word, 5 cm long and 1.5 cm high, in red upper case letters.
    • There are warnings against the use of all upper-case text as this impacts negatively on readability.
    • The title page of the book has its name printed in upper case, as was the fashion at the time, but it is an achievement worth capital letters.
    • X's and O's were upper-case letters, 4.0 mm high and 2.0 mm wide.