Traducción de uppercut en Español:


gancho, n.

Pronunciación /ˈəpərˌkət//ˈʌpəkʌt/


  • 1

    (in boxing)
    gancho masculino
    • He leapt back to his feet quickly, lifting his fist to deliver a gruesome uppercut.
    • Generally, the issue only came up in fast-paced hooks, uppercuts and follow-up punches.
    • He punched the guard nearest to him in the face and aimed an uppercut punch just below his jaw.
    • She looked at him for a moment, balled up her fist, and delivered an uppercut to his lower jaw that sent him off his feet and back towards the steps.
    • He crouches down and then launches his fist upward in the motion of an uppercut.
    • During the training she unleashed several hook punches and uppercuts that were so ‘lightning fast’ they would subdue an aggressor before he know what hit him.
    • He moved with impressive grace and skill, angling away from Hernandez's onrushes and countering effectively with uppercuts, straight right hands, and left hooks.
    • Khan now oozes with confidence, landing his punches and even throwing in uppercuts on his attack as he senses victory.
    • You hold the gloves and deliver uppercuts, hooks and jabs, taking care to sidestep or duck away from punches.
    • Cintron's hooks, uppercuts, and overhand rights dictated the fight and the win.
    • At the two-minute mark of the eleventh round, De La Hoya delivered a left uppercut that traveled less than 6 inches.
    • And his left hook was every bit as formidable and devastating as his uppercut.
    • From past to present, boxers such as Jack Johnson, Sugar Ray Robinson, Mike Tyson and Eric Morales all had and have great uppercuts.
    • He had a good long hard jab, his left hook and left uppercut were devastating punches.
    • Jeremey landed, ducked the last attack and delivered an uppercut, sending the attacker sprawling to the ground five feet away.
    • Expect a large assortment of straights, jabs, uppercuts, hooks, and more.
    • In one swift motion, he delivered a brutal uppercut to her chin, and she slumped to the ground.
    • Tshehla was superb, particularly when boxing behind a left jab which was followed by a left uppercut - his best punch.
    • At thirty-eight seconds to go Tito delivered a pin-point left uppercut which had Ricardo hanging on for dear life.
    • Before the Commander could hit the ground, however, Talon slipped behind him, and delivered an uppercut to the small of his back, launching Baldric into the air.