Traducción de upshot en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈəpˌʃɑt//ˈʌpʃɒt/


  • 1

    the upshot (of sth) el resultado final (de algo)
    • the upshot of it all is that no one is getting promoted lo que resulta de todo esto es que no hay ascenso para nadie
    • what was the upshot of the discussion? ¿en qué quedó / acabó la discusión?
    • The upshot of the result is that Stars retain their ten-point lead at the top of the table.
    • What it could not do was predict with any certainty the political upshot of such a massive act of force.
    • The upshot, of course, it that tyre shops now have thousands of used tyres clogging their yards.
    • Sounds great in theory, but the practical upshot of this can be unsettling to the public.
    • The upshot of the January meeting was that seven of the nine-strong board resigned.
    • The upshot is that for the forseable future, the Reserve Bank is essentially powerless.
    • The upshot of this discussion for the questions with which we started can be put somewhat simply.
    • The upshot of it all is that we can now go and fetch our kittens, hopefully before Christmas.
    • That was the upshot of a very well attended public meeting held at the school hall on Thursday night last.
    • The upshot of this is that when people come to retire they find they may have a number of pension plans that are each worth only a small sum.
    • Anyway, the upshot is that I was on a train yesterday afternoon when I'd like to have been in front of a TV set.
    • The upshot is that until a new site has been listed by Google for a month or more, a search may not always retrieve it.
    • The upshot, however, was an increase in the amount of time each listener spent with the station.
    • The upshot was that the regional council postponed that meeting and held another one.
    • The upshot is very little productive investment is made as all the money goes ultimately to fund state borrowing.
    • The upshot is that grape-growers do not have to spend vast amounts of cash on pesticides.
    • The upshot is a more effective sunscreen that does not look like war-paint when we apply it to our bodies.
    • She gave a long, rambling explanation, the upshot of which is that her mom works there, and got her the job.
    • The upshot is that many hard-working health staff will have their hours halved.
    • The inevitable upshot is a reduction in services at a time when we are hoping to dramatically improve what we provide.