Traducción de uptight en Español:


nervioso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌəpˈtaɪt//ˈʌptʌɪt//ʌpˈtʌɪt/



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    when you mention money, they get all uptight en cuanto se habla de dinero se ponen nerviosos / en tensión
    • don't get so uptight (about it)! no te pongas tan neura (por una cosa así)
    • Anyone less uptight about these things will love it, though.
    • And while some of us get uptight about smoking, we take a relaxed view of drinking.
    • He breathed in and out slowly, hating that he was so uptight and edgy.
    • Wayne annoys me, and Alfred doesn't have the dry sense of humor he once did, instead now seeming an uptight, gruff type.
    • Yet Logan is not anywhere near as uptight as he once was.
    • Okay, so she was sort of uptight and standoffish, but I didn't think much about it.
    • You are angry, uptight and feeling the physical effects of this anxiety.
    • It lurked in air like a poisonous cloud, making everyone feel uneasy and uptight.
    • Those close to the team say the rookie quarterback is too nervous and uptight to let his abilities show.
    • These women often come across as uptight or too bothered by small details.
    • My real dad was mad at me and my mom one day because he couldn't understand why we made fun of him when he got so angry and uptight.
    • That is one of the reasons why the wealth creators of New Zealand are so upset and uptight with the Government.
    • But the wider message was, of course, that we have a sense of humour about ourselves, we are not uptight, we are human.
    • Psychologists say it's all part of our uptight nature.
    • No longer suppressed and uptight, we are happy to confess all to a stranger, often spending thousands of pounds in the process.
    • I was incredibly nervous and uptight - seeing your hero in the flesh is truly a terrifying experience.
    • I know I shouldn't be getting so uptight about it but I'd really like the satisfaction of knowing that I got it right.
    • He's a tax lawyer and he's recently divorced and obviously uptight.
    • But it is difficult, in this so-called enlightened age, to understand why we remain so uptight about it.
    • Swinging liberals are just as prone to fear as uptight reactionaries; they just aren't as upfront about showing it.