Traducción de uptrend en Español:


tendencia al alza, n.

Pronunciación /ˈəpˌtrɛnd//ˈʌptrɛnd/


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    tendencia al alza femenino
    • In this case, the uptrend is likely nearing its end.
    • Despite the political uncertainty created by the dissolution of Parliament and the usual market fluctuations, stock prices have maintained a clear uptrend in 1999.
    • An uptrend is observed: the figures for January 2000 are 28.8 per cent and 16.1 per cent, respectively.
    • It was high in June, at 9.04 per cent year on year, and on an uptrend.
    • Little in the outlook should change those uptrends.
    • Consumers are eating outside the home more often, they are eating healthier foods, and per capita incomes are increasing, causing the uptrend in restaurant numbers.
    • I'm merely acknowledging the obvious: stocks are in an uptrend.
    • It is therefore too early to conclude the present uptrend is sustainable.
    • That uptrend is a big plus for the price outlook because fierce global competition will help to limit - although not negate - the rise in pricing power among American companies this year.
    • Most experts expected a three to five per cent drop in advertising spend this year - the third in a row - before signs of an uptrend emerge towards the end of next year.
    • An uptrend in mortgage interest rates will cause some slowing of the sales pace but we forecast 2006 to be the second highest year on record.
    • Leading the uptrend has been the production of high-tech gear.
    • It is unlikely that with inflation on an uptrend in the current year, Government would consider any lowering of interest rates.
    • One reason why current production has not matched the uptrend in consumer demand is that much of the spending is being satisfied by goods already in inventory.
    • Wine consumption is in a sharp uptrend in America.
    • The short-term uptrend also remains intact and there's no terribly compelling reason to believe that it has run its course.
    • We are clearly on an uptrend and there is no going back.
    • Yet despite the uptrend in demand, the economy seems in little danger of overheating.
    • Most investors, once invested in an uptrend, will stay there looking for any weakness in the ride up, which is the indicator needed to jump off and take the profit.
    • These uptrends and downtrends can persist for a long while.