Traducción de upturn en Español:


repunte, n.

Pronunciación /ˈʌptəːn//ˈəpˌtərn/


  • 1

    (in demand, production)
    repunte masculino
    mejora femenino
    an upturn in the economy un repunte en la economía
    • there's no sign of an upturn no hay indicios de que vaya a haber una mejora / de que las cosas vayan a tomar un giro positivo
    • there was an upturn in their fortunes la suerte empezó a sonreírles
    • The industry underwent a major slowdown from early 2001 and, although the first half of 2002 pointed to an upturn, this trend did not continue into the latter half of the year.
    • The Wasps won their first match in 11 turbulent months last week and Precious believes it could signal an ongoing upturn in fortunes.
    • Will the company be suitably placed to take advantage of an upturn in trading conditions when they eventually improve?
    • The RSPB reports that, despite the upturns in the fortune of many birds of prey in recent years, the hen harrier remains a seriously threatened species.
    • The shop and cafe were once a thriving business and despite a recent upturn in fortunes, a three-year period of losses have led to charity chiefs deciding it is no longer financially viable.
    • The bad news for those shops and smaller businesses, and the people who support them and rely on them, is that rents are rising and they are in danger of being priced out by the anticipated upturn in town's fortunes.
    • Kathryn's wheel of fortune is on the upturn once more.
    • He deserves great credit for adopting economic policies, albeit after much persuasion, which aided the economic upturn from which the economy has benefited for much of the past ten years.
    • From that low point, though, his fortunes quickly took an upturn.
    • While it indicates a potential upturn in economic conditions and better economic management, the news is not so good for UK hardware, software and technology services companies.
    • The fund will be focused on selecting good quality companies in the expectation of an upturn in fortunes.
    • We have always said our recovery will be cost driven and not dependant on an upturn in market conditions.
    • While the upturn in fortunes is notable, what has been more impressive is the dazzling way they have managed it.
    • Many assumed that an upturn in economic conditions would lead to an improvement in immigration policies, but they were mistaken.
    • Take-up across the European office markets remains weak with little improvement expected before an upturn in economic fortunes.
    • Few would be brave enough to say so publicly, but there is tentative feeling among the country's fishery managers that, at long last, we could be seeing an upturn in the fortune of the wild Atlantic salmon.
    • A leading hotel group based in York has demonstrated its confidence in an upturn in the fortunes of UK tourism by commissioning a huge extension to its headquarters.
    • Alongside the new housing estates the thriving Rowallan Business Park is the other overt sign of an upturn in economic fortunes.
    • Similar development master-plans may well be launched by some of Hungary's wealthier neighbours in central and eastern Europe in response to the economic upturn helped by a recovery of key western export markets.
    • However, the coincidence of the onset of the new policies with the economic upturn caused by the improvement in the world economy convinced most that the new consensus was, indeed, the source of economic betterment.