Traducción de urchin en Español:


golfillo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈəːtʃɪn//ˈərtʃən/


  • 1

    golfillo masculino
    golfilla femenino
    pilluelo masculino
    pilluela femenino
    palomilla masculino Perú Chile
    gamín masculino Colombia
    gamina femenino Colombia
    before noun urchin cut corte de pelo a la garçon / a la garçonne masculino
    • Stories abound of coal wagons stripped of half their load by street urchins before a first delivery could be made.
    • Christian people of the day used to come together to educate the local street urchins, and often found that they had to feed the kids before they could teach them anything, they were so starving.
    • These street urchins are rambling around the neighborhood, grabbing anything that isn't bolted down, and are cashing in their finds less than two blocks from the scene of the crime.
    • Of course, the little urchins must be properly dressed.
    • The young urchin had learned that move while wrestling with the other boys in the East Hill streets.
    • I don't miss the little street urchins who offered to mind the car for 50p, leaving you with a vague threat that they'd do your car in if you didn't pay up.
    • It will be the first taste of love, stability and continuing care the ten former street urchins will have encountered.
    • Having a neat hole in your front door isn't entirely wise in the days of wandering street urchins with fireworks in their pockets just ripe for destructive mischief.
    • Two native maids carried baskets of laundry, and some young urchins played a game with old dice, wagering stones.
    • Some street urchins and migrant workers then moved in and produced a lot of rubbish in the building.
    • I was chased away by men in suits who thought that I was a street urchin.
    • We are approached, then pursued, by a small posse of grubby, half-naked street urchins.
    • Club secretary Brian Mulenga, who has been there from the start, says the team evolved from a clutch of ragged street urchins who toyed with homemade plastic balls on dusty patches of land.
    • Set in 2,500 square metres of land, the newly-built house, to be called Genesis, will become the refuge, and salvation, of ten destitute street urchins.
    • Well, the young girl just ran after the urchin, down the street she ran, and turned the corner.
    • The streets teem with hustling, bustling humanity, hag-like beggar women, street urchins and drunken revellers urinating against inn walls, all rubbing shoulders with the gentry in their smart clothes and carriages.
    • With a bald head, thin limbs and swollen belly, he is a street urchin of about eight.
    • Though the city is witnessing changes in the system of solid waste disposal, old habits of street urchins to rummage through the garbage bins for various kinds of scrapes seem to continue.
    • The scallywags and street urchins of 1920s Kingston had come up with a new way of extracting a few pennies from unsuspecting members of the public.
    • He had told her that there would always be street urchins, to young and weak to work, scouring the streets for pockets to pick.