Traducción de urge en Español:


ganas, n.

Pronunciación /ərdʒ//ˈəːdʒ/


  • 1

    ganas femenino
    impulso masculino
    I was going to do it but I've lost the urge lo iba a hacer pero se me han ido las ganas
    • the creative urge el impulso creativo / creador
    • sexual urges impulsos sexuales
    • she felt an/the urge to do something different sentía la necesidad de hacer algo diferente
    • he had a strong urge to punch him le entraron unas ganas enormes de darle un puñetazo
    • he managed to resist the urge to tell her logró contener las ganas que tenía de decírselo
    • he got the urge to travel le entró el gusanillo de los viajes

verbo transitivo

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    (exhort) instar formal
    (exhort) exhortar formal
    (entreat) pedir con insistencia
    (entreat) rogar
    to urge sb to + inf pedirle a algn con insistencia que + subj
    • they urged the government to take immediate action instaron al gobierno a que tomara medidas inmediatas
    • he urged her to accept the post le pidió con insistencia que aceptara el puesto
    • I urge you to reconsider le pido encarecidamente que lo reconsidere
    • she urged him to go back le rogó que volviese
    • she needed no urging no se hizo (de) rogar
    • he urged acceptance/rejection of the offer insistió en que se aceptara/rechazara la oferta
    • they urged that it (should) be done immediately insistieron en que se hiciera inmediatamente
    • to urge sth on / upon sb recalcarle algo a algn
    • he urged on us the need for caution nos recalcó la necesidad de actuar con cautela
    • Then he managed to persuade two decisive figures in the enterprise to urge other workers to go back to their posts.
    • But before we all get too carried away, the front page of today's newspaper urges caution.
    • The Institute of Sports and Recreation Managers said it had written to its 10,000 members urging caution.
    • The Evening Press is urging readers to write with their views on the urgent need for the flyover.
    • I like the way the newspaper urges its readers to cajole their peers into voting.
    • Today the Evening Press urges readers to reveal the city's streets of shame.
    • I would just urge a bit of caution around the tightening of that parameter.
    • Until good evidence is available, we urge caution in interpreting eye findings out of context.
    • Since 1962, the government has used an array of slogans urging discipline and support for the regime and the military.
    • I wasn't convinced, and something kept urging me towards a small box that was sitting high up on top of a pile of boxes against the wall.
    • However, Symes urges caution: ‘You need strong nerves to invest in some of these centres, and do so at your peril.’
    • If you're based in the UK and missed this series first time round I strongly urge you to give it a try.
    • Finally, Mahan advocated and strongly urged the building of what he called an Isthmian canal.
    • She should take the opportunity tomorrow and on Friday to urge restraint, caution and a peaceful protest.
    • Those critics argue that polls on the Internet or on TV urging people to call in and vote should not be called polls.
    • I urge all reasonable people to do what they can to support this bill.
    • Officers urged her to press charges, but her family persuaded her not to.
    • The response has been excellent and strong support for this most worthy cause is urged.
    • For some time Fernando has been urging me to join him on his rounds.
    • Even Mr Wightman had to step in at that point to urge caution.
    • I am getting so bored with this for some reason but my dear friend Abbess is urging me to continue so I must.
    • The other Europeans, who have urged caution and diplomacy, will not be so forthright.
    • Our prime minister urges us ‘not to argue about what has been’.
    • In a recent newspaper column, Paul resurrects the medical care debate, and strongly urges the implementation of a socialist system of healthcare.
    • As far as legalization is concerned, Alexander urges caution.
    • We urge him to persuade the president to help mediate the situation.
    • A fire outbreak would be used as a reason to knock on doors and urge residents to check on smoke alarms.
    • He has so far remained silent on the issue, although it has been previously suggested he was urging caution.
    • For this reason he urged people to send their Christmas mail as early as possible.
    • With the magazine warning the globe is sitting on the biggest bubble ever, it is time to urge caution.
    • If you don't quite see the point after the first one, I urge you to persist and everything will become clear.
    • We urge readers to apply pressure on their local MP to back reform of the present wholly inadequate law.
    • However, the organization establishes the following principles and strongly urges their adoption by other federations.
    • My horoscope urges caution when making large purchases, which is timely, as I'll be ordering a laptop this weekend.
    • Kennedy, dressed in a sober grey suit, blushed as the press urged him to kiss his wife on the lips.
    • Mr Pickles urges caution and suggests a figure of £12,000.
    • Mr Bayley urged him to put pressure on the Environment Agency to publish the report as soon as possible.
    • However, I'm pleased to see several readers urging caution about our natural urge to charge after the most likely suspects with all guns blazing.
    • A BBC spokesman urged businesses to be cautious if they received unsolicited phone calls.
    • It is for this reason that I urge you to look at both systems and try them out.