Traducción de used en Español:


usado, adj.

Pronunciación /juzd//juːzd/


  • 1

    (needle/stamp) usado
    • The study found that internal examinations were being conducted on women with used gloves.
    • These can include digital photographs, their used tickets from bus or train journeys, and cafe bills.
    • We really need your help and by sending us your used postage stamps.
    • We feel that we are probably only talking about a small proportion of hypodermic users who do dump their used syringes.
    • They put rubber in their ovens to make it burn better, some put used diapers, any old garbage just to get rid of it.
    • Partly used Christmas candles and ordinary candles often came to the rescue in parts of the hall.
    • Limerick County Council has provided the school with a container for used batteries.
    • Environmental standards are high on the agenda here, with many canal boats being powered by used cooking oil.
    • A police sergeant has undergone hospital tests after his hand was pricked with a used syringe during a drugs raid.
    • Unfortunately it then ignited a bin bag full of used envelopes and rubbish which caused most of the fire damage.
    • A former theatre boss is setting up a factory to turn used cooking oil into eco-friendly fuel for cars.
    • The Recycool scheme recycles used printer cartridges and mobile phones.
  • 2

    (clothing/camera/car) usado
    (camera/clothing/car) de segunda mano
    • The used car dealers will now review security but in the meantime they are appealing from more help from authorities.
    • You can get more recent models for less from many used car dealers in town now.
    • What's it called when private citizens put up signs and sell their used stuff?
    • All used clothes in good condition are required for families in Gambia, West Africa.
    • Now it specialises in used cars, although it still sources new models for customers on request.
    • Looking through the classifieds will reveal that the majority of used cars are three-door examples.
    • The ruling is expected to boost used car imports to Finland, especially from Germany.
    • It's the best used book store in the immediate area, and just a few steps outside of Waterloo.
    • It is the largest used bookstore in the world with over three million books.
    • In addition to a variety of items for sale, there will be a silent auction, a used book table and a huge bake sale.
    • The law says your used car must be of satisfactory quality, as described and reasonably fit for its purpose.
    • They are also investigating the purchase of a used fire truck for the fledgling department.
    • They can also launch a search for a specific used car and get notification when one comes into stock.
    • When selling a used car do you include a full listing of its faults?
    • Never buy a used car without thoroughly checking it out for underbody damage.
    • Prices are not staggeringly cheap on the used market, but there are still plenty of 480 bargains to be had.
    • These are the first of her works not to employ used furniture or found objects.
    • He had gotten a part time summer job and took out money from his his bank account to buy a used car.
    • Toys should be new or good-quality used ones and should not be wrapped.
    • The firm is also reaching out to independent car dealers and sellers of other used merchandise.