Traducción de usher en Español:


acomodador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈəʃər//ˈʌʃə/


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    Cine Teatro
    acomodador masculino
    acomodadora femenino
    • I've also been a wedding usher, which is a breeze by comparison.
    • I entered the chapel late, I remember the kind usher who showed me discreetly to my seat.
    • Kay first met Susan Gargary eight years ago while working as a cinema usher.
    • Interaction with the performers began as soon as ushers had guided guests to their seats.
    • We would like to extend our thanks to all our neighbours and friends, too numerous to mention, who attended the Mass, also a special thanks to the ushers, altar servers, and everyone who helped to make this a memorable occasion.
    • I couldn't believe our luck when we went to get our seats and the usher pointed them out.
    • Veteran usher, Neil, has worked at the same theatre for seven years.
    • An usher at the cinema said the attendance had been better when the film was first released some weeks ago, but there were no sell-outs.
    • A female usher was seen at the bottom of the theatre talking on a two-way radio.
    • She steered her mother to the doors, and watched as one of the ushers showed her to her seat in the front pew on the right.
    • Looking at the throng of people waiting to enter the building, Gil was glad that Laurie had instructed him to go to the back door where an usher would escort them to their seats instead of their having to stand in the long line.
    • Is it a disappointment to you that a lot of the people behind the scenes, like the ushers and usherettes and yourself, don't get the recognition they deserve?
    • Sarah and Paul have asked me to be one of the two ushers at their wedding.
    • At the top of the climb an usher showed you where to park and pointed out seating in an area outlined by lanterns.
    • The casket, escorted by ushers in white formal attire, was borne on an open white hearse led by eight impressive horses.
    • The usher at the cinema introduced the movie, and gave away the plot.
    • He allows his ticket stub to be scanned by an usher, who bows as he re-enters the cinema.
    • Clearly an organized hostess, Lady Feina had hired ushers to seat each of her guests exactly where they were supposed to be seated.
    • As George, Gary, and I were going to be ushers at his wedding, we had to be at the wedding rehearsal the day before the wedding.
    • This gave us the special attention of the ushers and great seats in the front row.
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    (at wedding)
    persona allegada a los novios que se encarga de recibir y sentar a los invitados en la iglesia
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    (in UK)
    ujier femenino
    • Presumably in order to bring the case to a close by the end of the working week, the court agreed that, with an usher acting as a third party and furnished with a list of questions, the statement could be obtained.
    • It took several minutes for the crowd to quiet down and ushers to restore order.
    • The usher vanished under the courtroom table to check and when she re-emerged said: ‘That seems to have managed it’.
    • It is also the case that no security problem is perceived to exist there; people coming up the stairs will inevitably meet an usher before reaching those rooms.
    • The notice in the jury room does not prevent or discourage notes to the judge being submitted via the court usher.
    • The trial had started on the Monday and by this time there was a flurry of black-cloaked ushers briskly walking through the building, desperately looking for a policeman.
    • The workers, including ushers, legal clerks and administration staff, are in dispute with their employers over pay.
    • Volunteers explain court procedure to those giving evidence, take them to the courtroom before trials, and introduce them to the usher and clerk.
    • The court employs a bailiff, an usher, Mrs Henley and four administrators.
    • Staff including court ushers and clerks are involved in the stoppage in England and Wales.
    • The juror then asked the usher to hand to prosecuting counsel a note.
    • He appeared to claim that there had been proper evidence but it had been lost by the court, or handed out to the wrong party by the usher after an earlier hearing in the High Court.
    • The passing of a message to the claimants' counsel by the Deputy Judge, or the court usher, or the Deputy Judge's clerk would not, in my view, be regarded by the observer as of any significance whatsoever.
    • When he heard the verdict, Judge Paul Hoffman said to a court usher: ‘Very well, you may take the jury out.’
    • If you intend to attend at the next hearing, please leave your name and address with the usher.
    • At the lowest level were thousands of petty jurisdictions, many private, but all fully staffed by a complement of judges, clerks, procurators, ushers, and tipstaffs.
    • Court ushers and clerks and immigration officers were joining the walkout as part of a campaign to tackle low pay.
    • Two long-serving ushers at Kingston Magistrates' Court were compulsorily retired on Friday despite being eager to carry on working.
    • Before I could explain that it might not be a good idea, the juror had told an usher, the court official who looks after each jury.
    • If anybody wants copies of the judgments in either case there are a few copies here which the usher will be able to distribute.

verbo transitivo

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    to usher sb to her/his seat conducir a algn hasta su asiento
    • he ushered her into the room la hizo pasar a la habitación
    • she ushered us to the door nos acompañó hasta la puerta