Traducción de usurious en Español:


usurario, adj.

Pronunciación /juːˈzjʊrɪəs//juːˈʒʊərɪəs//juˈʒʊriəs/


  • 1

    (rate of interest/practice) usurario
    (rate of interest/practice) de usura
    (person) usurero
    • On the other side of the political spectrum, liberals worry that litigation finance firms offering usurious rates prey upon a desperate clientele.
    • The aim of the agreement, he told the assembled representatives of 45 nations, was to ‘drive the usurious moneylenders from the temple of international finance.’
    • Another reason frequently given for promoting cooperatives is that they would protect craftspeople from predatory middlemen and usurious moneylenders.
    • Planters often charged usurious interest rates on credit extended to their laborers, arguing that these were necessary because of the high risks involved.
    • Future revenues were mortgaged against advances at usurious rates.
    • Service contracts have usurious rates for out-of-contract minutes.
    • The Malaysian financier, Benedict said, demanded 29 percent interest, a usurious amount indeed.
    • Around twenty five percent of Australians cannot access financial services except on the most exploitative and usurious terms.
    • Compound interest is no longer commonly thought to be usurious or to involve prohibitively complex calculations.
    • The drugs industry is being criticised for usurious prices of drugs, medicines and services.
    • With the closure of rural banks, many farmers have been driven to borrowing from private moneylenders with usurious interest rates of 5 percent per month.
    • Desperate American workers are forced to rely on credit card debt at usurious interest rates to pay for basic necessities.
    • The financial deregulation he champions has led directly to the predatory, usurious lending practices that afflict the working poor.
    • The Ohio Supreme Court thus correctly held on appeal that the contracts were not usurious loans.
    • They make half their income by surprising people with enormous penalties and usurious interest rate changes if they forget to pay their phone bill one month.
    • Thanks to usurious practices that are legal and common among hospital collection departments, complete financial ruin can easily befall those unable to pay their hospital bills.
    • In most developing countries, the informal money-lending system coupled with usurious rates of interest, sometimes as high as 200%, gives birth to a phenomenon called debt bondage.
    • She would need to take out a loan to pay him, and the bank meant to exact some usurious rate of interest.
    • They could tolerate anything except someone who tampered with their usurious money-making.
    • Can you lend to the poor without charging usurious interest?