Traducción de uttermost en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈʌtəməʊst//ˈədərˌmoʊst/

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    • Their sons, and occasionally their daughters too, had indeed gone to the uttermost ends of the earth and beyond.
    • I will serve our lord with the uttermost loyalty.
    • And then, adding something like anguish to deep depression, I saw that even the pulpit, that uttermost symbol of the message, had been knocked down and carted away.
    • I think today our nation is at the crossroads where a serious reflection on the direction of our policies is a matter of uttermost urgency.
    • I stared at them with uttermost loathing.
    • Churchill wrote that Ladysmith was ‘famous to the uttermost ends of the earth: centre of the world's attention, the scene of famous deeds, the cause of mighty efforts.’
    • The next morning my mouth opened in a yawn with uttermost content.
    • Being at the uttermost ends of the earth we are both proud of our uniqueness and at times also wanting to ape the big kids on the block.
    • You yourself told me that you will serve him with the uttermost loyalty, and look what you're saying now!
    • Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness begins and concludes on the Thames, that ‘tranquil waterway leading to the uttermost ends of the earth’.
    • A few years ago, a crew of scientists travelled to the uttermost depths of the Atlantic Ocean in order to get a very up-close and personal look at the remains of the infamous Titanic.
    • Whether we like it or not: the uttermost that can be achieved is mundane justice and equality of chances and of rights.
    • He smiled at her with the uttermost respect and adoration.
    • My book has been described as proof of how the human spirit can survive in spite of uttermost humiliation.
    • She demands their uttermost concentration, but those who make the effort are rewarded by being taken on an emotional journey whose after effects are long-lasting and deep.
    • Sharing information is of the uttermost importance.
    • We preach a Gospel that saves to the uttermost, and witness to its power.
    • With one click of a key on a computer and you have the whole world at your fingertips, enabling you to know the goings-on in the uttermost parts of the globe.
    • That gospel saves everywhere and to the uttermost.
    • The Allies would pursue ‘the ranks of the guilty to the uttermost ends of the earth’ and would deliver them to their accusers ‘in order that justice may be done’.