Traducción de vanguard en Español:


vanguardia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvænˌɡɑrd//ˈvanɡɑːd/


  • 1

    vanguardia femenino
    • Having been in the vanguard of the attack at the beginning of the battle they had lost most of their tanks and were rehorsed in Grants and Shermans for the second main attack on the 2nd of November.
    • If the vanguard gets too far ahead of the supply train, it will run short of food, fuel and ammunition.
    • Nelson's tactics slicing the enemy line ensured the vanguard played a negligible role in the battle which followed.
    • Two hundred and four warriors formed the vanguard of the army.
    • The vanguard of the army began crossing the river in late afternoon on 6 April.
  • 2

    vanguardia femenino
    to be in the vanguard (of sth) estar en / a la vanguardia (de algo)
    • They sounds like a band having fun again, no longer feeling the pressure of being at the vanguard of popular rock.
    • In the vanguard of the movement is a consortium of new free-market think tanks.
    • It shows that we are moving in the right direction and we are at the vanguard nationally of integrating our children's and family services with education.
    • His carefully negotiated product loyalties place him in the vanguard of a powerful new industry.
    • What the company needs is a new vision of itself - one that motivates employees, excites investors, and places it once again in the vanguard of an industry on the march.
    • He pointed out that track cycling was in the vanguard of Scottish international sport.
    • The plan coincides with a nationwide scheme by English Heritage called ‘Save Our Streets’, and when York's plans are adopted it will put the city in the vanguard of that campaign.
    • Over the years the economic ebb and flow dictated political change, with the educated middle classes typically at the vanguard of reform movements.
    • ‘It is also quite meaningful that Asian countries are in the vanguard for this bright move to the future in the world of racing,’ he added.
    • Today it is people with two degrees who may be expected to be in the vanguard of the struggle.
    • Now we are at the centre of European and international politics - negotiating EU treaties and occupying a prominent position in the vanguard of the Information Age.
    • News last week that the UK is close to setting up the world's first stem cell bank was hailed as another step in the right direction, putting Britain firmly in the vanguard of stem cell research.
    • Even though the Bay Area was not in the vanguard of developing a distinct hip-hop style, audiences and dancers have embraced it with a vengeance.
    • He argues that the creation of three new rail stations, the introduction of park-and-ride facilities and the opening up of greenways for buses places the city in the vanguard of 21st-century urban development.
    • We want Australians to be in the vanguard of the worldwide knowledge revolution.
    • It is no wonder that islands, stationed on the front lines of both the rising tides of climate change and a vulnerability to high oil prices, are in the vanguard of the hydrogen push.
    • They are at the vanguard of the technical revolution, cramming their homes with more and more of the latest gadgets.
    • The medical profession has been in the vanguard of the struggle against smoking for 50 years.
    • Since then, the company has stayed in the vanguard of the market by consistently promoting technology standardization and adopting state-of-the-art technologies ahead of others.
    • I'm just not sure that being on the vanguard of this particular social movement will be much help.