Traducción de vanillin en Español:


vainillina, n.

Pronunciación /vəˈnɪlɪn//ˈvænələn//vəˈnɪlɪn/


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    vainillina femenino
    aromatizante de vainilla masculino
    • Medieval linens show the presence of vanillin in chemical tests, but the linen in the Dead Sea scrolls and other very old linens do not.
    • The compound responsible for this distinctive, complex perfume is vanillin, contained in thousands of pinpoint seeds in the seed pods of a particular orchid plant.
    • After this time the surface of the fruit will be covered in crystals of glucose and vanillin and the fruits themselves have become black from oxidization but are still flexible.
    • The best pods are dark brown or black, rather wrinkled and flexible, with a light coating of white crystals of aromatic vanillin.
    • Organic texts often cite flavor chemicals such as vanillin from vanilla as examples of naturally occurring organic chemicals that we encounter every day.