Traducción de variant en Español:


variante, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvɛriənt//ˈvɛːrɪənt/


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    variante femenino
    • This is a variant of the Cinderella tale, which is not found in Norwegian tradition but occurs in eight Sami variants.
    • Other variants of the game are known in other parts of Europe e.g. Italy.
    • Well over a hundred variants on the game have been developed by fans, mostly employing other historic scenarios.
    • Bo Almqvist further analyses the Irish folk tradition, discussing the two dozen variants it contains.
    • In each country the Rococo took on a national character, and in addition many local variants may be distinguished.
    • For trailers and climbers, ivy variants are excellent and come in a range of colours.
    • Their work was known through a range of manuscript copies, all showing minor or major variants.
    • It is disconcerting, however, that two-thirds of the menus here offer variants on pork dishes.
    • What we need to do is correlate the various gene variants with various behavioral propensities.
    • If a virus is in the human population then over time the number of variants will steadily increase.
    • Despite the relatively small number of variants, the form of the tale differs in North Wales and in South Wales.
    • Players usually play against each other but some variants allow an individual to play against the bank.
    • It may also lead to the identification of genetic variants that define a patient's response to a particular drug.
    • Then I turned to the low-fat variants of other products, like cheese, and yoghurt.
    • Computer crimes are frequently online variants of established crimes, like fraud and blackmail.
    • Microsoft this week released a tool to clean up systems infected by the infamous Blaster worm and its sundry variants.
    • Given this diversity, this is no place to expound a systematic account of liberalism in its many forms and variants.
    • We zoomed home alone along the sidewalk, singing a dozen variants of a silly song we had made up the day before.
    • As can be imagined, there are numerous variants on the basic process.
    • For one thing I've expressed variants of this point of view in the past!


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    (opinion/interpretation) divergente
    (form/pronunciation) alternativa
    a variant spelling of the word otra grafía de la palabra