Traducción de variegated en Español:


abigarrado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈvɛːrɪəɡeɪtɪd//ˈvɛr(i)əˌɡeɪdəd/


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    • So knitting with variegated yarns not only requires a certain amount of persistence but also requires an openness to accepting the pooling effect.
    • I am knitting a scarf in a variegated blue-ish green-ish rainbow-ish tone.
    • Work began on the cathedral in 1064, to be faced in entirely in variegated bands of marble.
    • I love subtly variegated yarns, when knitted up they tend to have a heathery effect.
    • The entering daylight streaks her high-waisted silk gown, as if invaded by sunset, with trails of variegated colours.
    • The lung specimens from seven patients with IPF had a variegated appearance, with alternating zones of Obrosis and intervening patches of normal lung at low magnification.
    • To create the illusion on Shelburne's mocha ware teapot, small particles of dried, variegated wedged clay were thoroughly mixed into a larger batch of blue clay.
    • The walls and the floor were covered with variegated marbles, and the roof of cedar wood was covered with lead.
    • Using variegated yarn for the weft automatically creates a delightful striped pattern as the student continues weaving.
    • Sea view: snorkelling swimmers at Australia's Barrier Reef can catch an inspiring glimpse of giant clams, sharks and variegated coral.
    • The frame of the inscribed plaque is also variegated.
    • It is a beautifully variegated yarn, and was very nice to work with.
    • The variegated facades of brick, painted aluminum, and stainless steel are Gehry's own brand of contextual design.
    • Then in the gloaming I can just make out a series of variegated camouflage sheets, the size of lonely single beds, strung between the trunks about 2ft off the ground.