Traducción de vase en Español:


florero, n.

Pronunciación /veɪs//vɑz//veɪz//vɑːz/


  • 1

    (for flowers) florero masculino
    (ornament) jarrón masculino
    • On his way to the kitchen, he noticed a vase of flowers on the kitchen counter that needed water.
    • Logan had accidentally knocked down one of the China vases that their mother adored so much.
    • Despite her idyllic life spent listening to lutes and arranging flowers for vases in the nunnery, she was very unhappy.
    • Ceramic flower vases and other tableware are available in a riot of colours.
    • In the next room, diners eagerly await their home-cooked food at tables with tablecloths and small vases of flowers.
    • Nothing like a few vases of flowers about the place to cheer a dull day, even if we do have to pounce on every falling petal before it hits the floor.
    • Large bowls and flower vases serve to spruce up the interiors with a bit of natural greenery and bright coloured blooms.
    • The court was a homely little room, with flowers in vases and pot plants on desks rather than scales of justice and clanging doors.
    • Plain glass vases are still a florist's mainstay, and are perfect for those who prefer the focus to stay firmly on the beauty of the blooms.
    • The large vases, jars, and bowls displayed are all richly decorated with delicate and elaborate blue underglazes.
    • Flowers fill huge vases on the main verandah where you can sit sipping tea and eating delicious home made cake.
    • Each table had its own menu and a vase with a single flower.
    • Simple things such as clean windows, fresh flowers in a vase and pleasant aromas can make a world of difference.
    • He put the flowers into a vase on the small table next to her bed.
    • With or without flowers, vases should look good enough to stand alone as beautiful objects.
    • Ever since I bought my flat nearly 3 years ago I have kept fresh flowers in a vase in my lounge.
    • These flowers in a glass vase can enhance the aesthetic appeal of one's living space.
    • Concealed lights accentuate the slender vases and glass candlestands on the dining tables.
    • Molly is simply beaming as she shows off her painting: a vase of vibrant red flowers.
    • Happy with the comfortable decor and the huge vases filled with flowers, I float into my cabin.